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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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What do landlords do if their tenants are forced to evacuate...

A huge blaze at a plastics factory last week caused explosions and a massive plume of black smoke, visible for miles around,...

ADVICE: Flash flooding chaos leaves no room for complacency

The devastating upheaval caused by last week’s torrential rain and floods in London and southern England as two months’ rain fell in...

Landlords: Get ready for torrential downpours and strong winds

We may have avoided the April showers this year, but May is more than making up for it. Many parts of the...

ADVICE: Robust referencing and regular visits vital amid cannabis farm boom

The recent story of a Nottinghamshire landlord who tipped off police when he couldn’t gain access to his property, but could smell...

Snow storms and severe weather warnings spell trouble for unprepared landlords

The Met Office has issued a swathe of national severe weather warnings, stretching into the weekend and beyond with up to 15...