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Will Tyneside councillors green light ‘unlawful’ selective licensing scheme?

South Tyneside councillors look set to give the green light to a selective licensing scheme that many landlords believe is unfair –...

EXCLUSIVE: Why selective licensing doesn’t work

On the day her new book about being a landlord is published, The Secret Landlord writes for LandlordZONE, highlighting her experience of failed selective licensing schemes.

LATEST: Cornish landlords to face selective licensing in five key towns

Selective licensing in Cornwall took a step forward yesterday after a council inquiry recommended that schemes should be launched in five key...

Will it ever stop? NW council is latest to reveal selective...

Tameside Council outside Manchester is the latest to launch a bid to introduce a selective licensing scheme which would see all private...

LATEST: Manchester to consult on plans for vastly enlarged selective licensing...

Manchester Council wants the go-ahead to start consulting on a much larger selective licensing scheme than it had originally planned.

Enfield presses on with selective licensing despite overwhelming landlord opposition

The London borough of Enfield has gone ahead with its unpopular additional licensing scheme and is determined to bring in selective licensing...

LATEST: Oxford reveals crackdown on landlords within plans for first selective...

Landlords in Oxford face tough new rules that could force them to have a licence for every privately rented property.

Landlords win Selective Licensing victory after council admits mistakes

Landlords in Luton who threatened to hold up the launch of the town’s new selective licensing scheme look to have won a...

Another licensing scheme delayed ‘due to Covid’

Weymouth’s proposed selective licensing scheme has fallen victim to COVID-19 and still hasn’t been approved more than a year after its public...

LATEST: Liverpool reveals new licensing plans after Jenrick’s rejection

Liverpool City Council has opened its politically-sensitive consultation on a new Selective Licensing scheme for 16 wards within northern and western parts...