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Grounds For Possession – Section 8

Grounds for Possession - Assured Shorthold Tenancies The Housing Act 1988 as amended by the Housing Act 1996 lays down certain circumstances (grounds) under which a landlord...

EXCLUSIVE: Government makes Section 21 evictions more difficult

A quietly-introduced change to the form landlords must fill in before accelerated possession proceedings can move forward means the time and...

Possession Claims Online

Section 21: Not every landlord or agent would consider handling a possession claim themselves, but the good news is, it can...

Courts failing ahead of radical repossession changes

Repossessions: With the imminent demise of the no-fault Section 21 eviction process, landlords are concerned about what will take its...

Landlords in despair about failing courts system

County Courts: The English County Court system is failing landlords, that’s according to the results of a major survey carried out...

Government Consultation launched on Tenancy Reform in England

Tenancy Laws: As a parting shot from resigning Prime Minister, Theresa May, the UK Government is launching a 12-week...

Landlords are calling for housing courts…

Evictions: With the government’s commitment to abolishing the section 21 no-fault eviction process comes the necessity...

Do you know how to evict a troublesome tenant?

Possession Claims: Although article this is published today, 1st April, tenant eviction is no juke!

Section 8 needs urgent review, says NLA

Section 8: The National Landlords Association (NLA) is calling for the Government to review the section 8 possession process as the Ministry for Housing, Communities...