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Section 21 Notice and Deposit Protection rules

Validity of Section 21 Notice: Amak Property Investments v Laura Sonny This case was an appeal by the tenant following a county court judgement...

Section 21 Notices – Surprise Decision

Perhaps now is an opportune time to review the process of using section 21 notices as a recent court decision (Spencer v Taylor 2013),...

A Check List for Serving a Valid Section 21 Notice

This is a handy check list for use to help you ensure you are serving a valid section 21 notice. Section 21 of the...

Serving Notices – Is it Reasonable?

Is your notice understandable by a reasonable recipient, even if you made mistakes? This is the "reasonable recipient test". When serving a notice under a...

Section 21 Notices

Obtaining Possession Using Section 21 Notices Updated October 2016 This article explains how to gain possession of your residential rental property in the most efficient way...