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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Government pledges £2m more to tackle rogue landlords

Rogue Landlords: The government has said that new funding will be provided to councils to support them in a range of projects designed to “ramp...

Time to Root out Criminal Landlords

Commenting on the publication of the University of York’s report on private rented housing, David Smith, Policy Director for the Residential Landlords Association said: “We...

Telford’s “Better Homes for All” Scheme

Rogue Landlords: As part of a country-wide initiative to get on top of the rogue landlord problem in local areas, the government is providing Telford...

Councils update their policies to tackle “rogue landlords”

Rogue Landlords: Following recent legislation that allows local authorities to tackle rogue landlords more effectively and efficiently, by imposing instant penalties, councils throughout England are...

Properties should be confiscated says MPs’ report

Rogue Landlords: A cross-party housing, communities and local government committee report by cross bench MPs into Britain’s private rented sector calls for rogue landlords to...

Shadow Housing Minister urges crackdown on rogue landlords

Labour to lean on landlords: Labour's shadow housing minister, John Healey, on visit to Walsall, has been urging councillors to clampdown on rogue landlords. He...

Council is determined to use new laws on slum landlords

Rogue Landlords: Wakefield Council has put out a strong warning to “slum” landlords in the town that it will take a tough stance with the...

Irish Republic calls for MOT style checks for slum landlords

Overcrowding: The Government in the Republic of Ireland has said it will examine proposals for an MOT-style test for rented accommodation. This move follows claims...

Government Inquiry into Rogue Landlords

Substandard Homes: Following the prime minister’s speech at the Conservative Party conference, when she promised to look into tenancy problems, an inquiry has been launched...

Rogue Landlords Make A Killing from Benefit Tenants, or do they?

Housing Benefit: David Lawrenson writes in his LettingFocus.com blog about rogue landlords and how they no longer target the “rent capped” housing benefit tenants, but...