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LATEST: Judge gives key ruling on ‘shared property’ rental deposits

London’s County Court has set a worrying precedent for landlords who operate properties that are rented ‘jointly and severally’ but where, over...

Deposit warning: Landlord narrowly avoids £83,760 fine after failing to protect

Given that the deposit protection rules were introduced in 2004, most landlords are aware of them by now, but people still fall...

Rental deposits alternative service launches to help cash-strapped tenants during the...

LandlordZONE parent company Hamilton Fraser has today launched Ome, a ground-breaking alternative to up-front rental deposits. Ome offers...

Claims that 33% of landlords ignore deposit schemes

Rental Deposits: Research carried out by comparison website, ComparetheMarket.com, reveals that up to one-third of landlords, affecting something like 1.5 million tenants, could be ignoring...

Deposit Cap will be charter for rent cheats claims RLA

Rental Deposits: Plans to cap security deposits for private rented housing to six weeks rent risk creating a charter for rent cheats warns the country’s...