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Universal Credit issues behind arrears and repossessions rise

Rent Arrears: The release of the UK Finance (CML) Arrears and Possessions quarterly statistics, out yesterday, show that home owner mortgage arrears remain at historic...

Rent Arrears increase with Universal Credit

Rent Arrears: Just under two-thirds of private landlords housing tenants receiving Universal Credit (UC) have experienced rent arrears, that’s according to new research carried...

Universal Credit tenants in £1,700 arrears

Rent Arrears: It’s a sad story that comes up again and again, but thankfully not too often. Dysfunctional tenants have to be evicted because they...

Debt Collection for Landlords

Rent Arrears: At this time of year, soon after the Christmas spending spree, inevitably rent payments begin to suffer. If you are having problems with...

Avoiding Rent Arrears

Rent arrears: Around Christmas time is a typical period for rent arrears and as a landlord if you have not had an incident of rent...

Distress for Rent to be Abolished

Commercial landlords have traditionally been in a much stronger position when recovering rent arrears from their recalcitrant tenants than is the case for their...

Residential Tenancy Rent Arrears

Residential Tenancy Rent Arrears If you take the precautions outlined in 20 steps to Successful Landlording you can considerably reduce the risk of rent payment problems. However,...

Court Action

Rent Arrears, Service Charge Disputes, Deposit Disputes, Disrepair and Dilapidations Claims, plus general debts are all common reasons why Landlords, Tenants and Letting Agents would...