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WARNING: ‘Increasing regulation is significant risk for self-managing landlords’

A growing DIY mentality means only half of landlords use an agent to help with lettings while fewer than one in five...

Six benefits of using property management software

The world of property management has changed, just like every other area of business. If you have a property...

Conservative’s home ownership drive likely to bring pain for renters

Home ownership: It has long been Conservative Party policy to encourage home ownership, as exemplified by the 1980s Thatcher government’s...

Landlords will ‘flee the market’ if taxes aren’t reduced

Landlord Flight: You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a message addressed to the UK government, no, it’s...

Why the Government’s scapegoating of landlords for the rental crisis must...

Regulations & Landlords: Earlier this month the Tenant Fee Ban was introduced, after much fanfare from the Government. However,...