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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Mandatory redress scheme membership for landlords WILL happen, says Minister

The government’s housing minister in the Lords has warned private landlords that mandatory membership of a redress scheme is around the corner.

Ambitious landlords project trailblazes new model for social housing in PRS

One of the largest efforts to entice private rented sector landlords into the social housing sector is taking place in Scotland, an...

Introduction to Tenancy Mediation by PRS Mediation

Julie Ford, a Property Redress Scheme (PRS) Tenancy Mediator with over 25 years’ experience of working in the private rented sector, discusses...

‘White paper will usher in biggest changes to private rented sector...

Many landlords may not realise it, but within 18 months those operating in England and Wales will have to register with a...

Covid, rent arrears and binning Section 21 – a lethal cocktail...

As expected, the Government has reconfirmed its commitment to reform in the private rental sector during the State Opening of Parliament.

BREAKING: Landlords face ‘massive’ evictions backlog after years of courts cuts,...

An influential House of Lords constitutional committee has warned landlords that they face long waits for evictions to be processed once the...

Entire housing sector backs UPRNs in open letter to housing secretary

An open letter from 53 organisations operating within the housing market has been published calling on the government to roll-out Unique Property...

Government reveals new evictions mediation service for landlords and tenants

A government-funded national mediation service has been announced that, it is claimed, will reduce the number of landlords and tenants fighting it...

The Private Rented Sector and buy-to-let remain resilient

With private rents in Britain’s biggest cities falling by as much as 15% and with up to 50% of tenants now claiming...

LATEST: Small-scale amateur landlords most popular with tenants, report reveals

Size matters when it comes to tenant satisfaction, with renters rating small-scale, amateur landlords more highly than portfolio landlords and agents.