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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Evictions extension will lead to rent arrears mountain, research predicts

Tenants will take up to 14 months on average to repay rent arrears built up during the lockdown, it has been claimed.

Exclusive: Landlords told eviction pre-action protocols will require tenants’ mental health...

Government announcement is expected imminently on new rules to be followed before landlords start possession proceedings against tenants.

Here’s why nurses need free accommodation near hospitals during (and after!)...

Have you ever wandered why there is so much fuss made about providing free accommodation for NHS staff near hospitals? Here's...

Rental deposits alternative service launches to help cash-strapped tenants during the...

LandlordZONE parent company Hamilton Fraser has today launched Ome, a ground-breaking alternative to up-front rental deposits. Ome offers...

Rental deposits held on behalf of tenants hit record high of...

Research reveals the huge sums of cash tied up away from the UK economy by rental deposits held for the UK's 4.6 million tenancies.