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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Breathing Space scheme: Landlords with ‘problem debt’ tenants face new hurdles...

Landlords face more eviction hurdles after May 4th when a government scheme to protect people who have 'problem debt' comes into force.

Government reveals new evictions mediation service for landlords and tenants

A government-funded national mediation service has been announced that, it is claimed, will reduce the number of landlords and tenants fighting it...

YOUR forums queries answered: ‘Re-signing a tenancy agreement early’

The hugely popular LandlordZONE forums are where landlords share their experiences, exchange tips and ask for advice. We answer a recent question...

Former TDS boss joins Hamilton Fraser to head up new landlord...

Former Director of Dispute Resolution for TDS, Mike Morgan, has joined Hamilton Fraser as its Legal Division Manager, heading up the organisation’s...