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Freehold, Shared Freehold or Leasehold?

Landlords often buy flats which are either Leasehold or Shared Freehold. What are these tenures and what should landlords look out for in these...

Sub-letting fees should not be more than £40

Sub-Letting Licenses: (SOLITAIRE) LIMITED Appellant and CHERRY LILIAN NORTON and other cases Landlords of leasehold buy-to-let flats are often asked to pay a fee...

What Confusion in Westminster Means for Leaseholders…

Long Leasehold: The UK has had some form of election or referendum every year since 2014. There was the Scottish independence referendum, followed by the...

Leasehold Repairs and Disputes

Responsibility for Repairs: Who is responsible and who is obliged to pay for repairs to leasehold blocks and flats? What is the procedure if repairs...
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How Can a Flat Management Company Help You?

Introduction - If you own the freehold to a block of leasehold properties, or let out a leasehold property within such a block, then you...
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What is a Section 20 Notice ?

There are two instances of section 20 notices in property in England: (1) is the notice served in relation to early shorthold tenancies under the...