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BREAKING: NRLA launches campaign to have abandoned rental properties exempted from...

The National Residential Landlords Association says thousands of landlords face paying the tax through no fault of their own as...

BREAKING: key insurers close doors to new rent guarantee insurance policies

Insurers agree that government’s three-month evictions ban, closing courts and a crucial clause in the policies makes selling any more untenable.

Hat trick for Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance

Landlords’ Insurance: For the third year in a row, Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance has been crowned...

Subsidence and the impact on your landlord insurance policy

Landlords’ Insurance: Subsidence is often somewhat over looked as a property issue, but its impact should not be underestimated. Increases...

Going for the “Best Landlord Insurance Provider” hat-trick

Landlords' Insurance: As winners of ‘Best Landlord Insurance Provider’ at the Insurance Choice Awards for the last two years, Hamilton Fraser...

How to avoid underinsurance of your property

Landlords' Insurance: Property underinsurance can be a huge headache for landlords. Failure to insure your property...

Finding the best landlord insurance for you

Landlords' Insurance: As a landlord your property is likely to be your biggest asset and you will want to keep...

Friday 13th – Accidental damage…unlucky for some

Landlords' Insurance: It's Friday 13th, and whether you are superstitious or not, we all know that accidents can and do happen! In 2017, Total Landlord...

Public Liability and Personal Injury Claims

Landlords' Insurance: Perhaps the most important aspect of a landlord’s insurance cover is the possibility of a personal injury claim. However unlikely it might be...

Why do you need a landlord’s insurance policy?

Landlord’s Insurance: When you let a property, particularly if this was your own home, it’s tempting to just leave the insurance on a property owner’s...