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Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Government review highlights lack of data on landlords

Landlord licensing: With the doubling in the size of the private rented sector since 2002, the...

Rent Smart Wales enforcement – 62 prosecutions to 2019

Landlord Licensing: Rent Smart Wales, a scheme introduced in Wales under the Housing (Wales) Act...

Rent Smart Wales has carried out its first successful prosecution

Landlord Licensing: Rent Smart Wales the enforcement agency for lettings in Wales is flexing its muscles as the 1st anniversary of the compulsory registration scheme...

Selective Licensing – are there any benefits for landlords?

Landlord Licensing: Some local authorities are introducing landlord licencing in selected areas while others are doing this across the board, across the whole borough, town...

Should the many suffer because of a few?

Landlord Licensing: Does Nottingham City Council really need to punish 000’s of tenants across the city, for the actions of the inconsiderate few? There is no...