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98% of landlords who evict illegally are not being prosecuted, says...

Generation Rent has urged police commissioner candidates to tackle illegal eviction after it found just 2% of cases resulted in prosecution.

Illegal evictions ballooning as possession restrictions continue, says expert

As we predicted in August, growing numbers of law-abiding landlords are turning rogue, frustrated by a lack of Government help and restrictions...

18,000 illegal evictions by landlords during Covid despite ban, says report

A nationwide ban on evictions hasn’t prevented about 18,000 households across England being made legally homeless during the pandemic, according to a...

Evictions get landlords a criminal conviction and £11,000 fine

Illegal Eviction: A landlord company has been ordered to pay just under £11,000 after illegally evicting a Bridlington man from his home in September 2016. The unnamed...

Prison terms for tenant harassment

Illegal Eviction: Two Sheffield landlords were handed out suspended prison sentences for illegally evicting their tenant, after a judge tells them “landlords are not above...

Illegal eviction results in criminal record

Protection from Eviction Act: Council makes an example of landlord to deter others. A landlord from Clackton-on-Sea, who has been convicted of illegally evicting a family,...