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Does The HMRC Changes To Stamp Duty Mean You’re Entitled To...

HMRC has recently changed its guidance for stamp duty and multiple dwellings relief claims. How have the changes impacted you and are...

HMRC stamp duty clarification to give landlords significant rebate windfalls

Landlords who have bought mixed-use properties could be due a big windfall after HMRC clarified stamp duty payment rules

Landlords warned: come clean about Airbnb income or face fines

Airbnb hosts and landlords should make sure their tax affairs are ship-shape to avoid any potential fines, warns a leading accountancy firm.

About time! Airbnb agrees to pay £1.8m more tax in the...

HMRC hit Airbnb UK with an extra £1.8 million tax bill last year to add to the £1m it had already paid.

The final tax return filing deadline is approaching fast…

Self-Assessment: It’s that time of year again and the tax return deadline looms. If you’re organised and you have all your...

Developers are exempt from Money Laundering Regulations, estate agents are not

Aniti-money Laundering: Developers selling homes through their own on-site sales offices are exempt from Money Laundering Regulations (AML), whereas if...

Self-assessment deadline looms!

HMRC: The 31st of January is the final date you can file a tax return if...

What expenses can I actually claim?

Tax Return 2016-2017: As a general rule, and as outlined in the previous articles in this series on tax returns, landlords can claim the expenses...

What is an Allowable Expense?

Tax Return 2016-17: With some costs it’s very easy to decide: a repair to a drain, downspout or roof tile are all allowable expenses, but...

Self-Assessment Tax Returns for landlords

Current Taxation Rates: Landlords don’t always think of themselves as self-employed or running a business, particularly if they have just one property let out. But...