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EXCLUSIVE: Costliest and most common landlord insurance claims

Research carried out by LandlordZONE’s insurance partner, Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance, revealed that the vast majority of landlords, 85 per cent,...

‘Happy birthday buy-to-let – it’s been a 25-year long roller-coaster ride’

You may not realise it, but the buy-to-let landlord sector as we know it today is now 25 years old.

As the weather warms up, the risk of subsidence rises –...

August got off to an unsettled and changeable start this year, with heavy rain and flooding in many parts of the UK....

ADVICE: Flash flooding chaos leaves no room for complacency

The devastating upheaval caused by last week’s torrential rain and floods in London and southern England as two months’ rain fell in...

YOUR forum questions answered: Why is my flood insurance going up?

The hugely popular LandlordZONE forum is a friendly community where landlords share their experiences, exchange tips and ask for advice. Here we...

Snow storms and severe weather warnings spell trouble for unprepared landlords

The Met Office has issued a swathe of national severe weather warnings, stretching into the weekend and beyond with up to 15...