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Landlord battles Facebook after posting pictures shaming nightmare tenants

A landlord who named and shamed his nightmare tenants on Facebook after she and her partner left their flat in a shocking...

Campaigners gather outside parliament to call for evictions extension

Protesters have gathered outside Parliament in a last-ditch attempt to persuade the Government to protect renters after the eviction ban ends on...

LATEST: Tenants use Facebook to gather evidence against criminal landlord after...

Former tenants of notorious rogue landlord Mark Fortune have started a Facebook campaign to gather evidence and build a solid case against...

Facebook forum ejects ‘fake landlords’ posting contentious comments

Administrator warns that people posing as landlords will not be admitted amid worries that activists are deliberately attempting to portray landlords...

Landlord’s snap of tenancy welcome pack cleans up on social media

Australian landlord's collection of gifts to new tenant goes global on Facebook after it divides opinion what 'passive aggressive' means in the private rented sector.