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Review of Possession Claim procedures

Evictions: The Civil Procedure Rule Committee is consulting on the enforcement of possession orders and the...

Landlords waiting five months for possession

Evictions: Private landlords are having to wait an average of more than five months to regain possession of their properties when they applying to the...

Evictions report “misleading and distorted” claims RLA

A row has erupted over figures produced by a Joseph Rowntree Foundation report, claiming that landlords are evicting tenants without good reason. Writing in The...

Dealing with the unthinkable – landlord repossessions

Tenant Evictions: Having to evict a tenant is a rare event for most landlords, but a small proportion of tenants cause landlords, for one reason...

Failing Possession Claims

Section 21 Possession claims are failing due to minor but little known hurdles which means numerous claims are thrown out of court, that’s according...