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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Recovering Possession

Commercial: Repossession / opposing a new tenancy on the basis of own use - advice provided by Gaenor Thomas, Associate Solicitor, Commercial Property at law...

Evicting Residential Tenants

Tenants seeking re-housing: It is a common occurrence for landlords that tenants approach their local authority to be re-housed and then ask the landlord to...

New Section 21 & Revenge Eviction Rules

As from 1st October 2015 new regulations came into force which affect the no-fault section 21 eviction rules, they bring in new measures to...

Avoiding Rent Arrears

Rent arrears: Around Christmas time is a typical period for rent arrears and as a landlord if you have not had an incident of rent...

Distress for Rent to be Abolished

Commercial landlords have traditionally been in a much stronger position when recovering rent arrears from their recalcitrant tenants than is the case for their...

Section 21 Notices

Obtaining Possession - Section 21 Notices: This article explains how to gain possession of your residential rental property in the most efficient way. You may...