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Renters picket parliament to back abolishing Section 21 evictions

Private renters held a day of action outside Parliament to demand that the government delivers on its promise to end unfair evictions.

Official housing survey lifts lid on ‘lazy landlords’

Lazy landlords are causing thousands of English renters to feel dissatisfied with the state of their homes. Figures from...

Private rented properties cost on average £7,600 to upgrade to EPC...

The private rented sector won’t meet new energy efficiency targets unless the government stumps up more cash for any replacement to the...

Government: ‘No direct financial support for landlords during Covid’

The government has once again refused to consider a financial support scheme for landlords who are suffering financial hardship due to the...

BREAKING: Private rented sector shrinking outside capital, says latest report

The government’s latest English Housing Survey of 23.8 million homes has revealed that the number of households within the private rented sector...

The latest English Housing Survey shows up some insightful trends

The latest English Housing Survey just published is a national survey of people's housing circumstances, living conditions, and the energy efficiency of...

7 key facts identified from the English Housing Survey

English Housing Survey: The latest report from the government's annual English Housing Survey 2015-16 highlights some important changes in the private rented sector (PRS) relating...

Impact of the English Housing Survey

The Government via the Department for Communities and Local Government has published its annual English Housing Survey which provides an in-depth look into the...