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Minister rejects calls to help landlords rent to pet owners

The government has rebuffed last week’s efforts by campaigners, MPs, Lords and private rental sector organisations to help more landlords accept tenants...

BREAKING: Landlords told how they should deal with self-isolating tenants

The government has clarified the approach landlords and letting agents should take towards self-isolating tenants who are due to move out of...

Housing minister to ‘monitor’ rise in landlords asking for rent up...

The government has promised to monitor the impact of landlords charging tenants up to six months’ rent in advance.

BREAKING: Housing minister warned over looming rent arrears mountain

Landlords and tenants who have been hit hard by the Covid downturn cannot be expected to sustain tenancies without government support, estate...

One of us? New housing minister reveals he is also a...

Landlords sometimes complain that those in Whitehall’s corridors of power do not understand the day-to-day challenges of being a landlord when fashioning...

New housing minister appointed following predecessor’s shock resignation

Landlords have complained for many years that incoming housing ministers have little or, usually, no experience of the property market.