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ANALYSIS: £50k cladding repair bills push flats into negative equity

The average repair bill for those flat owners with fire risk cladding is in the region of £50,000 per flat.

CLADDING LATEST: Government ‘let down landlords’ says Reform UK

Property developer and Reform UK leader Richard Tice has come up with a new warranty scheme to resolve the cladding crisis affecting...

EXCLUSIVE: Up to 750,000 landlords are caught up in cladding scandal,...

Up to 750,000 landlords could be affected by the cladding scandal, a much larger figure than previously claimed, according to new research.

BREAKING: Government to foot £5 billion tower cladding remediation costs bill

Leaseholders in buildings over 18 metres or six storeys high are to have their remediation costs paid by the government where the...

MPs call for landlords to be released from nightmare of cladding...

An Opposition Day Debate in parliament organised by Labour has highlighted the financial disaster facing many landlords who own properties within properties...

Cladding scandal: Why leaseholder landlords still face huge problems

Thousands of landlords could be stuck with unsellable flats or forced to take a big hit on the sale price if the...