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Global Guardians Premium Listing

Global Guardians – Secure Your Vacant Properties in London With Live In Property Guardians.

We carefully select and vet working people to become Property Guardians with our organisation, and we place them to live in the vacant property of the owner

The Guardians sign a weekly rolling licence agreement with our company and adhere to a rigid set of rules for living in the property. Squatters cannot squat the empty building due to our Property Guardians presence. Whilst our Property Guardians are in situ, arson attacks, vandalism & theft of fixtures and fittings do not occur because the property is in use and is no longer an empty building.

We can secure any type of building, from disused town halls, to large commercial offices, to abandoned warehouses & empty blocks of flats. We will ensure that the empty building is brought back up to the required standard to meet current regulations

Camelot Premium Listing

Camelot the property management specialists will secure, insure, maintain and generate income from various buildings in several different sectors such as housing associations and councils to private commercial organisations and banks.

Our core services cover a broad spectrum of a properties life-cycle including an initial risk assessment, security, including Live-In Guardians, monitoring, cleaning, maintenance, clearing & preparation. Services offered protect properties against risks such as squatting, arson, vandalism & unauthorised access.

Our extensive range of services provide customers with peace of mind that their property is secure, safe & will continue to retain its value. Some of the features Camelot’s unique property management services provide:

Live-in Guardian Solution
Generate income during vacancy
Facilities management
Property insurance

Ambika Security Ltd – Using the Ambika service our clients have confidence in the security of their empty property. We ensure that the client has complete control over the property, thereby avoiding costly delays to development and disposal schedules.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Camelot Property Management – Camelot Property Management is a leading international vacant property management company. Our extensive expertise and range of innovative vacant property management services provide clients with a cost effective, high quality and flexible solution.
Based in: London | Operating: Internationally

Dot Dot Dot Property Ltd – Dot Dot Dot lets people who do volunteering live as property guardians in buildings that would otherwise be empty. Providing landlords with flexible, cost-effective security.
Based in: London | Operating: Regionally

Empty Homes – Empty Homes is an independent charity. We help people create homes from empty property and campaign for more empty homes to be brought into use, for the benefit of those in housing need.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Endsleigh – Endsleigh offers full cover option available which includes vandalism and escape of water. Also buildings and contents cover, flexible terms, conditions concerning water, gas, electric and various short term cover available for 3/6/9 months.
Based in: | Operating: Nationally

Global Guardians – We can supply a property guardian for London premises that are empty, safeguarding them from unwelcome visitors and ensuring your property is treated with the utmost respect at all times.
Based in: New Barnet | Operating: Regionally

Guardians Of London – Guardians can provide a solution to landlords by arranging for responsible and reliable guardians to move into empty properties, not only to look after them and keep them secure, but also to provide an extra and unexpected income for the landlord.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Live-In Guardians – Live-in Guardians Limited was established to provide clients with a reliable, efficient and commercial solution for the problems created by empty properties. Property owners can save up to 80% of the cost of using traditional security methods by using us.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Newbould Guardians – We are fully-insured empty and vacant property protection experts with 10 years’ combined experience in the industry. Our relatively small geographical focus has allowed us to provide a high level of personal service.
Based in: London | Operating: Regionally

Oaksure Property Protection – Oaksure provides vacant property security using SIA qualified guards. Our guards are contracted to live on-site to protect vacant property against squatters, metal theft, criminal damage, fly tipping and general dilapidation.
Based in: London | Operating: Locally

Property Guardians – Our Property Guardian service can save property owners thousands of pounds in security and maintenance costs via the placement of fully-vetted guardians into empty properties, providing security and upkeep for the owner.
Based in: N/A | Operating: Locally

Property Minders – Property Minders is a specialist property management company that delivers service, satisfaction, maximum returns and minimum vacancies. We don’t just promise – we deliver. We manage residential properties all over Brisbane in Queensland.
Based in: Red Hill | Operating: Regionally

Rigsby Insurance – Rigsby Landlord Insurance understands that landlords need a policy that is comprehensive, competitive and flexible. Having been in the industry for a number of years we have had thousands of landlords
Based in: Newport | Operating: Locally

Secure Empty Property – We do things differently; Provide a credible alternative for landlords wanting to secure empty property, while having an experienced workforce and a management team with over 100 years’ experience in the empty property industry.
Based in: Haslingden | Operating: Regionally

Secure Property Investments & Developments Limited – Our company provides an option to landlords unable to lease or repair properties in your portfolio. We are a team of experienced letting agents and tradesmen offering sub-letting options for a fixed term period with guaranteed rent in return.
Based in: Bishop Auckland | Operating: Regionally

Secure Site UK – With all essential services under one roof, carried out by experienced in-house teams of installers, engineers and security officers, Secure Site is able to advise on the most effective measures for clients’ sites and swiftly address risks.
Based in: Worthing | Operating: Regionally

Secure Site UK – National Vacant Property and Construction Site Security Specialists offering services, including physical security, electronic security, manned security and clearance solutions.
Based in: Worthing | Operating: Nationally

SitexOrbis – With more than 25 years’ experience of securing empty buildings, SitexOrbis are the UK’s leading vacant property management companies. We specialise in the security of both residential and commercial properties that are vacant, void or empty.
Based in: Uxbridge | Operating: Nationally

UKinsuranceNET – Specialist provider of unoccupied property insurance. Schemes available to cover property undergoing renovation, awaiting let or subject to probate.
Based in: Darlington | Operating: Nationally

Umbrella – Umbrella provides unoccupied property protection from squatting, fly-tipping, vandalism, fire and theft all for affordable prices and rent free period.
Based in: Croydon | Operating: Nationally

Vacant Property Specialists – Manage hazards & secure vacant properties – prevent theft, vandalism, illegal set ups, public liability claims and squatting.
Based in: Hertfordshire | Operating: Nationally