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Elmdon Real Estate LLP Premium Listing

Elmdon Real Estate LLP purchases residential and commercial ground rents across the United Kingdom.

We offer introductory fees and associated professional work to people who introduce ground rent portfolios.

Our commitment to vendors is:

– To pay a high cash price for suitable ground rents
– Not to contact the leaseholders
– To offer an “in principle” decision rapidly with proof of funding
– To exchange contracts within a short and pre-defined period
– To pay vendors’ solicitors and agency fees where agreed

For same-day quotation please provide us with:
– Lease length
– Number of units
– Annual Income

We regularly purchase from:
– Developers
– Inheritors
– Trustees

Please phone us with no obligation on 0800 015 2500 email or visit our website at

Covent Garden Group – We buy ground rents.
Based in: Westerham | Operating: Nationally

Elmdon Real Estate – We buy ground rents. High cash prices paid, quick decisions.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Gray’s Inn Estates – Ground Rents bought and managed.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Ground Rent Buyers – Not an agent. If you are looking to sell your freehold or ground rent we are the first point of contact.
Based in: LONDON | Operating: Nationally

Ground Rent Investors – UK ground rent reversionary investments wanted. Short leases or Long leases. Section 5 Notices served free.
Based in: Watford | Operating: Regionally

Ground Rent Sales Ltd – We are sell freehold ground rents.
Based in: Esher | Operating: Nationally

Heritage Land plc – We have funds avaialable for the purchase ground rents, vacant and tenant properties.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Hurford Salvi Carr – Reversionary investments. Development of 23 apartments which have been sold on 125 years leases from January 2007 with a ground rent of £125 per annum (Total income: £2,875 per annum).
Based in: LONDON | Operating: Nationally

Landmark Collections – Full ground rent management service from one of largest owners in the market – we treat your stock as our own. Major plc’s current clients.
Based in: Bolton | Operating: Nationally

Landmark Group – Recognised by large and small developers as one of the largest and most trusted. Many major plc’s regular clients.
Based in: Bolton | Operating: Nationally

Morgoed Estates – We buy ground rents and rentcharges UK wide. Best prices paid, often including legal work. Extremely quick completions. Contact us for a valuation.
Based in: Craven Arms | Operating: Nationally

Simarc – Ground Rent Management – If you live in a Leasehold property, (under the terms of the Lease) you are liable to pay an annual ground rent to the Freeholder.
Based in: Borehamwood | Operating: Nationally

The Ground Rent Business – We are in daily communication with active buyers of all types of ground rents. We regularly dispatch opportunities on offer to our entire list of investors.
Based in: Ongar | Operating: Nationally

The Ground Rent Specialists – Purchase freehold ground rents and properties with short leases throughout England. We will consider portfolios and single units.
Based in: Epsom | Operating: Nationally