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Eviction Management Services Ltd

Eviction Management Services provide tenant eviction services to landlords and other property professionals nationwide although a large proportion of our clients are in London and Birmingham. Eviction Management Services are now part of Mander Cruickshank Solicitors and as such all the work we undertake is regulated under the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Because everyone is different and no two tenant eviction problems are exactly the same, we will tailor our services to your specific requirements. Although we pride ourselves on client care, and being able to offer you a bespoke service, this would mean absolutely nothing if we couldn’t do what we claim to be able to do – that is, help you to secure possession of your property, lawfully, and in the least possible time.
So, whether you need to evict your tenant because they are not paying the rent, are antisocial, need to sell or move back in, or a combination of those reasons, then give us a call for a free appraisal of your problem. The service we offer is both honest and ethical – and we will not take your money unless we believe your case is capable of succeeding at court.

 0203 9126 299 0121 728 5588

The Eviction Organization Premium Listing

The Eviction Organization UK offer a unique service to Landlords who wish to have unwanted tenants removed from their property, quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated to saving you, the landlord, time, money and stress

Removing tenants from a rental property is not only time consuming and costly, but stress and worry can be the hardest of all for landlords. We’re here to help.

Evictions in the UK can be a nightmare for some, but here at the Eviction Organization we can have your tenants removed faster, with less stress and expense than you would imagine. Our years of experience within this industry allows us to get the job done, letting you the Landlord move forward with peace of mind.

Possessions Online Premium Listing

Possessions Online – are specialists in residential possession proceedings. We provide assistance to landlords throughout the possession process, from issuing notices seeking possession, through to court proceedings.

Representation at Court throughout England & Wales, and bailiff eviction if required.

We offer a stage-by-stage approach on a fixed fee basis, allowing landlords to only pay for the services they require.

Additionally, we offer a Price Promise as we believe you will find the services we offer cheaper elsewhere.

Indeed, we are so confident, we will refund double the difference if you subsequently find a cheaper supplier.

Eviction Management Services Premium Listing

Landlords, we are tenant eviction specialists with a difference.

We aim wherever possible to secure possession of your property without having to resort to costly court action.

Our team of specialists have years of experience both in the private and public sector and will work with both you and your tenant so that litigation need not be necessary.

By using our unique service you can potentially save thousands of pounds – not only in court costs and legal fees, but also in unpaid rent by getting possession of your property before the need for court action arises.

Landlord Eviction Service Premium Listing

NATIONAL EVICTION CONSULTANTS AND PROFESSIONALS. We offer a fully tailored landlord eviction service from serving notice to recovering rent arrears and costs.

Eviction services from £200

Landlord & Tenant resolution

Prior to initiating possession proceedings, we can liaise with tenants and attempt to resolve disputes.

We offer a unique service whereby we try to avoid possession proceedings through intensive
discussions between landlord and tenant. We have a good success rate in resolving disputes and we offer this service for a nominal fee. If we are not successful then we begin the process of eviction.

We address the following
– Complex Subletting cases
– Trespasser Procedure
– Where a Section 21 / 8 wasn’t served correctly
– No written tenancy agreement, no problem
– Solutions for when a deposit was not protected
– Where Prescribed Information wasn’t served correctly
– Commercial forfeiture
– Anti-social-behaviour
– Where your managing agents have made errors we rectify them
– Adjournments and defences, court bundle drafting
– Tenant sourcing and referencing so you get the best tenants

Section 21 and Legislative changes in October 2015
– Landlord advice regarding compliance with the new tenancy laws and Section 21 possession
– We draft post October 2015 fully compliant tenancy agreements for £50

Abacus Services – We offer a fast efficient eviction service using the High court route, once you have the possession notice and a sealed N293A we do the rest.
Based in: BURTON ON TRENT | Operating: Nationally

Actons Solicitors – If you own a rental property and are having problems with your tenant it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Our property eviction team can help you solve your problems in the correct manner.
Based in: Nottingham | Operating: Nationally

All Eviction Services – We help to evict your tenant, legally, quickly. Services include valid legal notices to quit, taking tenants to court and getting a successful possession order and getting a warrant of possession to remove your tenant.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Bright Care Services
Based in: Slough | Operating: Locally

Burlngton Group – Enforcement Agents offering High Court Enforcement & Debt Collection Services.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

DLS Law – Landlord & tenant specialists offering the most competitive fixed fee tenant eviction and rent recovery services. For simple, effective, professional legal advice.
Based in: Milton Keynes | Operating: Nationally

Evict A Tenant Uk – We’re specialists in tenant evictions and debt recovery throughout England and Wales. Whether your tenant is in rent arrears, damaging your property or you simply require your investment back – we are here to help.
Based in: West Bromwich | Operating: Nationally

Eviction Management Services – We are an affordable and effective tenant eviction company founded by landlords for landlords. We have more than 90 years combined experience of Landlord and Tenant Law.
Based in: Birmingham | Operating: Nationally

Hector & finch – Hector and Finch Ltd is not only one of the nation’s leading tenant eviction companies, assisting landlords and agents evict their tenant(s) throughout England & Wales.
Based in: Crawley | Operating: Nationally

Helpland – Helpland assist both commercial and private landlords with all aspects of tenant eviction, including tenant eviction, agreement drafting, landlord legal advice, rent arrears and debtor tracing.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Landlord & Eviction Services – Landlord & Eviction Services work solely for Landlords in helping them to evict their Tenant through legal processes.
Based in: Bushey | Operating: Locally

Landlord Advice – Landlord Advice for UK landlords, tenant eviction advice.
Based in: crawley | Operating: Regionally

Landlord Advice Line – Landlord advice for problem tenants – Eviction process, notice and landlord rights services. We offer an exclusive ‘act now, pay later’ eviction service.
Based in: Wanstead | Operating: Nationally

Landlord Angel – We help to evict your tenant, legally, quickly. Services include valid legal notices to quit,Taking tenants to court and getting a successful possession order, Getting a warrant of possession to remove your tenant.
Based in: Birmingham | Operating: Nationally

Landlord Assist – Nationwide fixed fee tenant eviction service. We can get your property and rent arrears back. Free, no obligation advice.
Based in: Westbrook | Operating: Nationally

Landlord Help and Advice UK – Here at Landlord Help & Advice UK we offer full and comprehensive services for landlords. We ensure that you meet all the requirements to help prevent any unnecessary delays.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Landlord P.A. Ltd – We provide fixed fee eviction services for landlords. All work is carried out by our firm of solicitors who specialise in landlord and tenant law.
Based in: Leeds | Operating: Nationally

Landlord Recoveries – The UKs leading tenant eviction and litigation specialists for landlords.
Based in: Wakefield | Operating: Nationally

Landlord Support Services – Landlord support services is run by property and legal professionals with many years experience, we understand the frustration and anguish caused by a bad tenant.
Based in: Middlesex | Operating: Nationally

Landlord Support Services – Landlord Support Services specialises in landlord and tenant matters throughout the whole of England and Wales. We act for letting agents, private landlords, insurance companies, providing tenant eviction services.
Based in: BOrehamwood | Operating: Nationally

LandlordAction – Help for landlords with tenants who won’t pay or won’t leave.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

London Repossessions – London Repossessions offer eviction services dedicated to London Landlords. Low cost fixed fees for preparation and service of Sect 8, 21, and combined notices.
Based in: London | Operating: Regionally

Michael Lewin Solicitors – The Property Team at Michael Lewin Solicitors are skilled at legally evicting tenants quickly and expertly; if you are a Landlord and you need help evicting a tenant, please contact us and we can help
Based in: Leeds | Operating: Regionally

Mondesco Evictions – Housing law trained eviction experts ready to make your evictions as smooth as possible and avoid so called solicitors fees. At Mondesco Evictions, we can serve s.8, s.21 (fixed or periodic) notices.
Based in: LONDON | Operating: Nationally

My-Landlord – My-Landlord.co.uk are specialists in residential possession proceedings. We provide assistance to landlords throughout the possession process, from issuing notices seeking possession, through to court
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Nationwide Investigations Group – Nationwide Investigations Group is one of Britain’s premier private investigation organisations. Our private investigator services are available throughout London the UK and around the world.
Based in: London | Operating: Nationally

Possession Friend – Specialist, fast Full tenant eviction services including Rent Arrears recovery assistance. ( Includes a number of strategies not used by other Possession companies. )
Based in: Dartford | Operating: Nationally

Quentsons Legal Services – Quentsons Legal Services are experts in Landlord and Tenant Law with particular expertise in court advocacy. We have successfully assisted hundreds of landlords in securing vacant possession.
Based in: London | Operating: Regionally

Reigate Chambers – Most law firms & companies simply prepare the court papers and then refer the case to an advocate to represent the landlord in court. We can do both in-house, leading to a more coherent case.
Based in: Reigate | Operating: Nationally

Secure Site (UK) Limited – One complete service, from paper serving and eviction to post eviction porperty clearance and cleansing to steel boarding up and on site manned security.
Based in: Worthing | Operating: Nationally

Tenancy Services – We offer friendly, efficient and economical support for residential landlords at all stages of a tenancy. We specialise in ‘difficult’ AST evictions.
Based in: Ammanford | Operating: Nationally

Tenant Removal Services – Tenant Removal services UK offer a quick alternative solution to removing unwanted tenants from your rental property. We can resolve these issues saving you the landlord time, stress and money.
Based in: Accrington | Operating: Regionally

TenantTRACE.co.uk – A LandlordZONE / TenantVERIFY partner service – specialists in tracing tenants. Experienced research team will find a person’s current location, no-find, no-fee!
Based in: Hawkshaw | Operating: Nationally

UK Evictions – Tenant eviction specialists for landlords, guaranteed evictions or your money back.
Based in: Preston | Operating: Nationally

Vicks Enforcement – Residential Possession Order Enforcement, High Court Enforcement, Commercial and Residential Landlord services.
Based in: Manchester | Operating: Nationally