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TenantVERIFY Premium Listing

Don’t Get Caught Out! – Always do tenant checks – Nice car, nice suit, nice chat – No RENT! Basic Checks, Comprehensive Check with References, Comprehensive Check with References, Rent Guarantee and Legal Cover, Company Check, Tenant Tracing.

TenantVERIFY® provides on-line credit searches, referencing, rent guarantee & legal protection and deposit insurance, insurance and debt collecting services for landlords, tenants, property managers and letting agents.

Credit Informer Premium Listing

Fast – Accurate – Instant – Online Credit Check Service
Know your tenant – you wouldn’t lend your car to a stranger, so why do the same with your property? A few moments taken to screen your prospective tenant can save months of time and expense.

Assess your applicant’s financial history. Instant Report straight back to your inbox. Partnered with Equifax providing accurate reliable up to date information. Simple to use site with friendly team on hand to deal with any queries you have.

FCC Paragon – FCC Paragon provides stand alone credit checks which are instantly available online.
Based in: Portsmouth | Operating: Nationally

Landlord Referencing – Tenant Referencing UK offers FREE Tenant Reference Forms, Financial Checks from only £7, UKs first and Leading Lifestyle Reference/Tenant History, UK’s Only Online ID Verification Service, Rent Guarantee Insurance.
Based in: Bristol | Operating: Nationally

LETS SAFE – Our screening products offer cloud based services to validate prospective applicants’ rental history and suitability by running credit and background checks to determine the risk of rental.
Based in: Wales | Operating: Nationally

TenantVERIFY® – Successful Landlords know that Tenant Screening is “the” most important task when letting property. Tenant Verifying – doing credit searches and tenant referencing is the core of the tenant screening process.
Based in: Hawkshaw | Operating: Internationally