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Like building any business, establishing a successful property portfolio takes determination, knowledge and patience. Ironically, one of the challenges facing landlords is the mortgage brokering process that’s meant to serve them. It’s paper-based and often can’t keep up. As the residential mortgage sector is enjoying the benefits of online portals to streamline the process, it’s high time for landlords to receive similar benefits in the buy-to-let

Buy-to-let is a dynamic and rapidly growing market that’s still served by traditional mortgage brokers. It’s a low-tech world of paper form-filling, delays, unreturned calls and a very limited market view – with the last point exacerbated by the fact that most mortgage brokers work from a limited list of lenders, with commission potentially influencing their selections.

Research shows that landlords could save over £3000* a year per property by changing the makeup of their portfolio to take advantage of the best mortgage deals.  There are even further savings as Property Master does not charge application fees for standard mortgages.

And that’s not the only challenge facing brokers like you. Government tax changes like the 3% rise in stamp duty on additional properties are squeezing the rented sector. Now like never before, you need to be able to take advantage of innovative products to find the best deal. But more stringent regulations have given rise to ever more complex lending criteria and a bewildering array of new mortgages. Just when you need it most, a great deal is even harder to find.

And most brokers are still operating in the same way as they have for the last 2 decades.

Enter Property Master, the UK’s first online buy to let mortgage broker.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Property Master allows private landlords like you to source and compare buy-to-let mortgages online. That means taking unprecedented control of your portfolio financing. It’s free to use and there are no application fees for standard mortgages.

Out go the forms and paperwork. In comes a dynamic portal where you can match your funding requirements against every BTL mortgage on the market across actual lending criteria.

You can run ‘what if’ scenarios, changing parameters such as rent, LTV and even switching to a limited company. At last you’re seeing a true whole-market view.

Once you find your ideal mortgage, you can apply on mobile, tablet or desktop with a single click and no need to re-enter details. The suggested mortgages are all pre-screened for acceptance – so you’re chasing real opportunities, not wild geese.

Property Master is completely independent. You’re presented with the best options based solely on your requirements with no influence from commission levels. With no application fees for standard mortgages, you save money, leverage further growth, and ultimately make the right decisions.

The system keeps working round the clock, sending you proactive alerts as offers change to your advantage. Property Master will even make unprompted suggestions to re-mortgage early if there’s a good enough deal and it’s right for your portfolio. How many traditional brokers do that?

And it’s completely free to use!

Individual buyers often aren’t getting the best deal in a complex system that has changed little since last century. It can be slow, frustrating and complex. We have built Property Master to revolutionise the way landlords are able to manage the finance behind their portfolio, putting them in full control of their investment”.

CEO and Founder of Property Master, Angus Stewart

Navigating the changing buy to let mortgage market needn’t be complicated. Property Master provides landlords with the tools they need to truly optimise and take charge of their finances.

A unique database that’s completely free to use

You can search for approved mortgage options which meet each lender’s complex lending criteria, based on your individual properties and circumstances.

Find out more. Visit Property Master at and watch our short introductory video to discover a new approach to buy-to-let mortgages.

*For example Birmingham Midshire SVR at 75% LTV is 4.59% compared with 2.49% for a 2 year fix. For borrowing of £160,000 that works out at £3,360 per year. (Correct 18/05/17) Many landlords have more than one property multiplying the saving.

Please Note: This Article is 5 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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