The world of property management has changed, just like every other area of business.

If you have a property you are looking to rent out, consider using a property management system. The need for property management software is becoming ever more pressing as it evolves into the most effective way to let, manage and maintain your assets.

A property management system is a convenient substitute for the conventional tenant hunt. It always takes some time to find a trustworthy tenant with a decent background.

Landlords used to rely on word of mouth or their own limited investigations to discover the authenticity of a tenant. Now, all this hard work is replaced with simple clicks within property management software.

There are many ways property management software can help you. Read on to find out:

1. Find the best tenants

A good property management system lets you upload your listing and promote it to the target audience that you want in your house. Property management software increases your visibility to the relevant prospect, thereby increasing your chances of attracting high-quality applicants.

2. Manage a portfolio

As a landlord, you might have one property for letting or a portfolio of properties. In any case, it is wise to choose a property management system where you can communicate with your tenants and receive payments online as a one-window solution to all your needs.

The cost of managing a portfolio becomes significant when you have several properties to let. It becomes tedious, and chances of forgetting tenant rent arrears also increase.

It would make sense to make files of all tenants and hire a manager to oversee all the matters – fifty years ago. But today, you only need to use property management software to carry out all these tasks flawlessly and without asking for vacation or medical benefits.

3. High visibility

When understanding the need for property software, remember that good property management software goes the extra mile to make your listing visible to the maximum number of prospects possible.

While it is important that your listing has a good set of photos, a clear description, and any easy method to communicate further, it is also essential that the property management software you are using is promoting you on other websites too.
For example, ePropertys is a property management software partnered with Zoopla, PrimeLocation, and Rightmove. Your listing gets guaranteed visibility because these websites have over 170 million visitors every month on average.

4. Maintenance management

It’s inconvenient to answer phone calls from dozens of tenants making complaints or requesting maintenance work if you have a portfolio of lettings.

You don’t want to receive texts on your phone all day long too. One of the advantages of using property management software is that it allows you to communicate with your tenants with an inbox of your own on the system.

This helps landlords check maintenance issues at their convenience and record all the communication with every tenant for future use.

5. Certificates and regulations

Landlords are often stressed by the need to comply with regulations including gas and electricity safety certificates. Property management software can help you arrange and help keep an overall on compliance.

ePropertys extends its services beyond the listings contracts and payments to include gas and electricity certificates, automated reminders to ensure compliance with regulations, organise photos, chase arrears, and arrange viewings.

6. Cost saving

Even though property management systems charge a fee to manage the portfolio for you, it is still not expensive compared to the cost and time of doing it without one.

The reason is that the cost to manage incidents physically, time to consolidate accounts, and the effort for proper capital planning, are all saved by using a property management system.

The system also helps to improve customer satisfaction, which means that the tenant turnover will be reduced. Longer-term contracts with tenants save costs of finding new tenants and renovating every time you rent your lettings to someone new.

Using a property management system is the best way to manage your properties. Even landlords with limited computer literacy are shifting to property management systems because they are convenient and cost-efficient and remove many hassles for the landlord.

ePropertys allows landlords to upload listings using a certain service package and facilitates them to advertise their listings to get immediate results. ePropertys doesn’t take a fee until the property is let, which means landlords are not taking any risks financially. Therefore, ePropertys is often recommended by landlords to their friends and acquaintances. They sign up saying they have heard about the website from a friend; this goes the same for tenants.



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