With the market prime for selling in a way which won’t come again for another 7 years, portfolio Landlords throughout the UK are selling up, and this means only one thing: the perfect opportunity to buy.

Whether it’s whole ready-made portfolios, or blocks of self-contained flats, individual buy-to-lets and HMOs, properties and portfolios are being snapped up, with buyers taking advantage of abundant finance, house prices continuing to rise, and the guarantee of a ready-made income from portfolios with tenants already settled in and paying rent.

The demand for rental properties and portfolios has never been greater: councils and landlord associations needing stock for migrants and vulnerable tenants, companies needing to house their contractors, students heading back to university, and the general population growth – demand for rental properties is relentless. So great that companies such as Lloyds Bank, John Lewis and hedge funds have strategically positioned themselves to buy 10,000’s of residential properties and become the UK’s biggest landlords.

There’s never been a better time to scoop up a property deal, and Landlord Sales Agency is where to find it. Established by co-founder of the National Association of Property Buyers and industry expert, David Coughlin, they’ve shot to success as the best company out there to sell ready-made and ready to buy high asset Landlord portfolios from motivated sellers.

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From £1 million blocks of flats and HMOs to £10 million plus portfolios, they’ve got deals ready and waiting to go at discounted rates.

It’s no surprise therefore, that buyers are flocking to their team to get their hands on their list of exclusive and off-market deals.

However, it’s unlikely this opportunity to buy portfolios will last for beyond 3-7 years. With portfolio landlords selling up once they approach the end of the mortgage terms, plus to avoid any CGT tax increases, cash in, retire and live their dream life, it’s clear that the opportunity to buy is now.

With a team of 20 years of experience, they know exactly what they’re doing, and buying has never been easier. Be it mortgages or cash buys and even JV finance, they have a network of experts ready to get you the best deals before anyone else, and the keys to your investment portfolio in your hands in just weeks.

Instant guaranteed income, without any of the work of putting together your own portfolio. It’s that simple.

If you’re interested in joining their A list of buyers, or want to enquire about deals in your area, contact them today. There’s never been a better time to buy than right now.

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