Most landlords can likely vouch for the agony of having a tenant with a broken boiler. A phone call screaming you out of bed at midnight, a furious and passive aggressive early morning WhatsApp or traumatised letting agent softly passing on the message with some admirable censorship., a rapidly growing digital boiler buying platform founded in 2017 was designed to solve boiler buying problems for UK homeowners, but has inadvertently become a hit with landlords for its incredible ease of use and simplified process.

The Heatable Process:

• Self-survey on
• Choose and book installation date
• Boiler installation is completed

The boiler installation purchase process has traditionally been a sluggish one, requiring landlords to arrange multiple property surveys to ensure a fair price – a process that could take days if not weeks itself before finally agreeing upon a service, price and installation date that will incur a further delay. A delay which is fair to say the vast majority of tenants will not display great patience for – understandably so.

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Achieved through close partnerships with manufacturers, the introduction of digital tech and low overheads, Heatable have simplified this process phenomenally in addition to offering incredibly low prices, often 20% cheaper than leading competitors.

Pay monthly plans, including 0% interest options are also available.

From the point of ordering, all necessary confirmations, paperwork and correspondents will be issued to landlords directly via email and Heatable are happy to liaise with tenants or letting agents on their behalf – a treat for landlords that may even be more pleasing than their prices.

During the unfortunate age of Covid-19, Heatable have also provided another accidental solution to the problem of multiple people/surveyors attending a tenants property prior to a confirmed installation. Global pandemics have understandably only shortened the tethers of cold showering tenants.

Their online self-survey eradicates the requirement for physical inspection of the property, and offers the reassurance of just one home appointment.

Payment & Payment Options:

Traditionally, a worry for a new boiler buyer has always been ‘surprise’ costs – essentially heating engineers on the day finding totally ‘unexpected’ works that have to be completed; most common of which is a new gas pipe supply.

Heatable’s fixed price eradicates that problem and payment is secured up front, leaving landlords with no financial concerns once the order is placed. No frantic eBay selling session required.

For landlords in the throes of a multiple property problem disaster – when it rains, it pours – Heatable also offer pay monthly options between 1-10 years, with interest free options available over 2 years on selected new boilers.

For returning landlords, blessed with multiple boiler breakdowns – Heatable will offer £100 discount each installation after the first booking.

A previously agonising and stressful process for landlords has been revolutionised.


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