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Why the old way of buying a boiler isn’t near good enough for a landlord, or tenant.

The responsibilities put upon a landlord by even the most reasonable of tenants can test your organisational skills and patience to uncharted extremes.

If that responsibility transpires to be a broken boiler, then your – hopefully – reasonable tenant will suddenly mimic the behavior of a well poked bear.

Even adhering to your responsibility with immediate effect might just not be enough to appease your arctic occupant this time.

The old, slow-fashioned way

The traditional process of buying a boiler is to have at least one physical site survey in order for a heating engineer to confirm the properties heating requirements and obviously, price up the job – or, at least, gauge the price they think you’re willing to pay.

Any savvy landlord will of course, get more than one quotation – typically three. Time consuming.

So, best case scenario – let’s assume you live in landlord heaven…

…Your tenant goes out of their way to make sure they’re available for each one of these boiler surveys or states they’re happy for you to access the property at any time that suits, all the while – they’re of course, not getting any more unreasonable about the lengthy process and showing boundless amounts of patience and declaring actually, they, and their children have really grown to like cold showers. They improve blood circulation, you know?

Or – perhaps, you aren’t a fortunate landlord blessed with Gandhi-like understanding tenants.

They aren’t, or don’t want to be available for countless surveys, most likely over the course of at least two different days, while the wait for an actual installation date over winter will have them WhatsApp’ing you obscenities at 4am.

It isn’t just the need for multiple surveys from conventional boiler companies that doesn’t work for landlords (and tenants) – it’s the inflexible and distant future availability for the installation itself.

In the meantime, your tenant is screaming about human rights, snow in their living room and how Facebook is going to hear about your untimely rectification of the broken boiler that’s absolutely your fault.

All this without even mentioning the astronomical prices you’ll undoubtedly have come across. Remember that British Gas quote you thought was a joke? It wasn’t a joke.

If you were to get past the agonising home survey stage, actually find a price you’re not positively raging about and lock in an installation date that your tenant agrees they can survive until – you’re still potentially left with nasty surprises when the engineer arrives.

Your system needs a full flush, your gas pipe needs upgrading, the boilers flue needs moving etc etc etc, and money, money, money on top of the quote you thought was already agreed.

But, there is an alternate route to warm, quiet tenants.

The online, on time, on budget way

Demand for a simpler, infinitely quicker and cheaper solution has birthed companies like Heatable. A disruptor in the boiler buying niche.

Choose > Buy > Install. All online.

It’s literally boiled down to these three steps.

Arranging a survey is surplus to requirements. You’ll survey your own property by answering some super simple questions about your current boiler; namely its type (combi, conventional etc) and where and how its flue exits the property.

Nothing complex, nothing technical.

You’ll be presented with numerous, fixed prices fully inclusive of VAT and fitting and the entirety of the process is completed in one installation appointment of your choosing.

In order to ensure the correct materials are brought with the engineer on the day of installation, a few simple photographs of the existing boiler will be requested from either yourself or the tenant.

Instructions for these can be sent by text and email and Heatable are more than happy to deal directly with tenants or letting agents after an order has been placed, should a landlord prefer.

What about the aforementioned issues that could crop up on the installation date? – So long as the information you provided about your heating system during the ordering process is accurate and your survey photo’s back this up – any surprises are all included in Heatable’s fixed price guarantee.

Think of it as Uber, but, for boiler installations.

What Heatable say:

‘Heatable have installed thousands of boilers and obviously it’s a phenomenally simple process for every customer, irrespective of their circumstances.

But for landlords in particular, it’s a huge attraction not only because of the cost savings for what are most likely to be repeat buyer boilers but the ease and speed of our process.

We’ve had landlords buy up to six boilers from us and it’s no surprise considering they can go online and within 5 minutes have a new boiler arranged for the tenant as quickly as the very next day.

For referrals or repeat buyers, we also offer a £50 discount from each boiler installation booking

Sam Price, Owner & Director of

For LandlordZone readers, Heatable are offering a £50 discount for a limited time only. Simple get your quotes from Heatable, via the following link, and your discount will be applied.

Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.



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