Landlords who want to find tenants to rent their properties either end up spending large amounts of time, effort, or money – or all three.

But there are other options. So here are some choice tips for any landlord struggling to fill properties quickly and affordably.

Build an online presence

It may be tempting to just instruct a high street letting agency.

While this has proven beneficial time and time again it can also be expensive and, while one benefit is that agents can advertise properties both online and in their branch windows, it’s easy and inexpensive to achieve the same results yourself.

By utilising social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can attract and network new tenants without spending a penny.

Even starting a blog can work wonders for attracting tenants, who are much more likely to empathise with someone they know. Also, promoting yourself and your properties on social media is a great way to personalise your brand, making it more alluring and trustworthy.

It’s more intimidating to approach someone you know nothing about, after all. Also, being readily available via social media IM services means you’re less likely to miss out on prospective tenants! This benefit goes both ways, of course. For example, if someone responds to your property listing from a social media account, you can learn a little about them too.

For example, if someone responds from a blank profile with no name and information, it’s more likely to be a bot or fake account and therefore: a waste of time. If someone responds from a lively profile, it’s more likely to be genuine.

This can help massively to cut back on wasted time. You’ll be far less likely to entertain dummy offers and can focus on authentic hopeful tenants.

Align with an online platform

Clooper is one of several online platforms that come to mind. Clooper is a platform that connects landlords with prospective tenants. Clooper also automatically advertises your property on other platforms, such as Zoopla and Rightmove, for no additional charge.

You pay as you go, so if there are no prospective tenants, there is no fee!

Their developers have worked hard to match tenants from their existing tenant pool to your listings. Simply sign up, and let them do the rest. Clooper also allows you to keep your autonomy! You choose who to rent to, who to message, and are ultimately in charge throughout the process. Clooper is only there to help; to save you time and, of course, money.

Go paperless

As technology marches on, we march to keep up with it. Left-right and centre, successful businesses and brands are dropping the need for paper. However, being a landlord is a job that comes with its fair share of paperwork and responsibility. Efficiency is key to cut out excess time and focus on growth and attracting tenants. Paper checks are a big drag in this aspect.

You must keep them manually organised, ensure you don’t lose anything, worry about them getting lost in the post and more issues. Young professionals and students also may not be too keen on paper checks, preferring online, as they’ve grown up in a paperless world. This may result in you losing prospective clients.

It can be disconcerting to make payments online, however, as it does come with its risks if not done properly.

Fortunately, our previously mentioned partner Clooper could help, as they are one such platform that offers online payments. All payments are processed through a secure payment provider, meaning that your card or bank details, payments and backs transactions are processed with stringent security and care.

You can rest easy knowing your finances are in safe hands, all while saving time and keeping young clientele engaged by simply ditching paper.

Value your tenants

To summarise: attracting tenants is one thing, keeping them is another.

The most successful landlords do everything they can to supply tenants with what they need.

For example, if tenants have to constantly ask you to fix things in the property and you ignore them, you’re shooting yourself in both feet.

One, tenants will lose faith in you. Two, ignoring their concerns could lead to disasters, as with our earlier point about scheduling regular inspections. A tiny little water leak could be a mass of black mould if it is allowed to spread and fester. This could mean that these tenants would leave, and now you’re sitting with damaged empty property in your hands. Such a disaster would cost you time and money.

Satisfied tenants are also more likely to recommend you. If one of their friends is looking for a new home and you have one available, they could be directed to you by a loyal tenant.

A tenant that you trust can refer further trustworthy tenants, keeping your network fresh and full of reputable people. Uncaring and aloof landlords do not inspire loyalty.

Similarly, nightmare tenants don’t inspire reputable landlords to rent to them! Having a secure network of trusted individuals is greatly cost-effective in reducing your time spend networking for tenants and saving money running multiple advertisements for new tenants.

Contact Clooper today by leaving them a message here.


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