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Online Lettings:, the UK’s leading online letting agent, has revamped its payment options with the launch of ‘Pay on Success’ for its premium offering.  The move comes in direct response to client feedback.

“Pay on Success” is the most comprehensive of Upad’s pricing options and is intended to appeal to the less experienced or first-time landlord.  It includes a premium Rightmove listing with professional photography, as well as all the necessary paperwork to ensure the tenancy meets all compliancy requirements.  Importantly, the £399 fee is only payable once a tenant has been secured and the referencing process starts.

James Davis is founder and CEO of Upad and himself an experienced landlord with a large portfolio of rental properties.  He explains the rationale behind the shift:

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“We continually review our service to landlords.  This ensures that the options we provide not only meet their current needs but exceed expectations and allow us to stand-out in comparison to traditional high street agents.  The launch of our ‘Pay on Success’ package is one such innovation.

“Landlords don’t come in one size and we’ve always offered a variety of options to reflect this”

Upad was founded ten years ago and from day one has been committed to providing landlords with a fresh approach to operating their property portfolios – one which stands in stark contrast to many of the more traditional high street operations.  It’s a model which appears to work with landlord registrations increasing all the time.  James continues:

“In the final quarter of 2017, the number of landlords registering to use Upad’s services grew by 20% compared to the same period a year before and that’s at a time when we’re being told landlords are withdrawing from the market!

“The introduction of ‘Pay on Success’ has already been very positively received.  Early performance data shows that this package is proving twice as popular as the ‘Upad Complete’ offer which it replaced – a fact which we believe demonstrates how we deliver what landlords really want.

“Legislative changes may have deterred some landlords, but those with a strategic, long-term view who wish to remain in control of how they operate their portfolios, are demonstrating their commitment to the sector by choosing innovative, cost-effective, services such as those offered by Upad.”

Full details of all the pricing options offered by Upad can be found at:

Please Note: This Article is 4 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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