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To Tardy Tradesmen

Aspect Maintenance aims to turn bad reputation of property maintenance industry on its head-

A recent YouGov survey[i], sponsored by leading London-based property maintenance company, Aspect Maintenance (, has uncovered that over thirteen million working hours are lost in London each year[ii], while company employees wait in for property maintenance engineers to turn up.

Around 4,733,000 million people are employed in London today[iii]. The poll of 996 people in London, of which 631 were employed, has revealed that nearly one third of those have had to take time off work in the last year, to wait at home for a property maintenance engineer.

Over half[iv] of the capital’s full-time employees stated that the property maintenance engineer failed to turn up at the time promised. And, 47 percent of those surveyed had stacked up six hours or more of their time waiting in for a tradesman.

Commenting on the research findings, William Davies, managing director at Aspect Maintenance, said:

“This survey illustrates the disruptive impact that tardy tradesmen are having on London’s businesses, by unnecessarily wasting the working hours of employees. The property maintenance sector is undoubtedly one of the most poorly serviced industries in the UK – it seriously needs to clean up its act.

“At Aspect Maintenance, we guarantee a two-hour appointment time frame and we meet this window in 93% of cases[v]. By employing state of the art job management technologies we do everything in our power not to let down our customers or unnecessarily waste their time. We also have a policy of contacting the client, either by calling or texting them, where we are unable to make a scheduled appointment on time – something that many other companies don’t do.

“We aim to turn the bad reputation of the property maintenance industry on its head – setting new, modern and highly professional standards. We want Londoners to be confident that they are letting a skilled tradesman into their home, who is causing minimal disruption to their lives, particularly during a working day.”

Aspect Maintenance operates across the domestic and commercial sectors. The company offers a fully-skilled workforce who can handle all maintenance issues, from the drains to the roof, and anything in between.

The company offers a 24-hour call out service, 365 days per year across London and the South-East. It also provides an estimation division, offering estimates for small maintenance work, through to large scale refurbishments.

Further information can be found at, or by calling 0800 0828185.

1 – YouGov Survey (19th – 21st February 2008), sponsored by Aspect Maintenance. The survey polled 996 people across Greater London, 631 of whom were employed

2 – 4,733,000 employed in London, (Dec 2007 ONS) x 170 minutes (average time waited by  employees), divided by 60 = 13,410,166.666 hours

3 – Office National Statistics ONS Dec 2007

4 – 52 percent

5 – The 7 percent will be informed that Aspect Maintenance is unable to keep the appointment time and they are given a 10 percent discount with a new appointment time agreed

Please Note: This Article is 14 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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