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PEOPLE in Britain panic most about whether they have remembered to change their billing address when they rent a new home, a survey has revealed.

A survey of tenants by The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) revealed more than a third – 36% – of movers get flustered over changing the address on their phone, gas and electricity bills.

A further 29% said that they lost sleep worrying about packing and unpacking – while one in five revealed that the prospect of moving furniture gave them a headache.

Just 5% believed that they should worry about their new landlord.

However Kevin Firth, client services director at The DPS, warned that tenants must make time to talk to their landlord or agent.

He said: “Anyone who has ever moved home knows that it is a stressful time but with a bit of proper planning you can make the transition as smooth as possible.”

“Think ahead, don’t leave everything to the last minute and prepare a checklist so you can tick off every completed action as you go along.”

“Another tip to give you peace of mind is to ensure that your landlord has signed up to a tenancy deposit protection scheme as he or she is required to by law.”

“That way, you know that your deposit is safe and you can concentrate on enjoying your new home.”

Tenancy deposit legislation, which came into force in April last year, means that by law landlords must sign up to a scheme or risk a fine of up to three times the deposit amount.

The Deposit Protection Service, the only custodial scheme, protects deposits on behalf of the tenant and landlord and returns it to whoever is entitled to it at the end of the tenancy, with interest. Any deductions must be agreed by both parties.

The scheme is protecting more than £185 million in deposits, which has already accrued more than £2.5 million in interest for tenants and landlords

1. Full survey results (1,000 tenants asked)

What is the most stressful aspect of moving house?

Administration (ie. Changing utility bills) – 36%
Packing / unpacking – 29%
Finding a property – 20%
Moving furniture – 10%
Landlord – 5%

2. The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS)

The Deposit Protection Service is the custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme accredited by the Government. It is provided free of charge, and funded entirely by the interest earned from deposits held in the scheme.

The DPS is run by Computershare Investor Services PLC. Online self-service allows landlords to register and make deposit payments, transfers and repayments 24 hours a day. Paper based transactions can also be supported. Help and advice is available through a dedicated call centre during office hours.

An independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service, helps to resolve any disputes quickly and without the need for court action.

For more information, visit

Please Note: This Article is 14 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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