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NALS (National Approved Lettings Scheme) has launched a new campaign that is expected to be warmly welcomed by its 1,505 – strong member agencies.

The “NALS GOES GREEN” initiative will support members in providing both tenants and landlords across the UK with useful and relevant information that will help them become more environmentally conscious and socially aware. And, it could even be good for business through the opportunity to pass on to landlords tips to save money – and tenants to receive lower energy bills….! Landlords will inevitably reap the benefits of going green as the environment becomes a more compelling argument in the coming years.

Two top tips leaflets are now available through NALS’ firms – one for tenants and one for landlords. Both offer easy, helpful hints and tips on how to take a few easy steps when it comes to letting – or renting – property.

NALS Chair, Caroline Pickering says:

“Issues surrounding energy and the environment are close to us all. We do have a social responsibility to “think green” on both a corporate and individual footing and NALS wants to play its part in supporting future generations – however small that contribution may be in the broader global picture. What we want to do with our Green initiative is give our accredited firms the forum to take to their customers whether landlords or tenants in order to provide help, advice and support best practice in the lettings market”.

Advice to landlord includes effective roof insulation – approximately 25% of heat is lost through the roof – along with lagging of water tanks and pipes and the fitting of energy efficient light bulbs in their property. For tenants, by simply turning their thermostat down 1 degree – can save up to £100 a year on electricity! Other suggestions include installing automatic timers on electrical appliances, ONLY boiling the water you need at any one time and not using standby on your television overnight.

“In some instances, there is an up-front investment” says Pickering. “But the £’s that can be saved over a relatively short period of time can be significant and it will make a notable difference. Equally, there are some very basic elements that are perhaps less well known – such as light walls and large mirrors reflect more light and reduce need for energy use”.

When old ‘white’ good appliances come to the natural end of their life – NALS recommends replacing these with A Grade and water efficient models. And – it suggests that’s always worth taking ten minutes to establish what local re-cycling initiatives are available and provide appropriate bins.

NALS is working with the Energy Savings Trust ( which also indicates any financial help that may be available to improve a property. For FREE advice, call 0800 512012. In addition, NALS member agents are aware of the benefits of energy efficient and environmentally friendly properties and can give more information to landlords and tenants as required.

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Please Note: This Article is 15 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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