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Government support for evictions legislation will make it easier for nightmare and rogue tenants to cause problems for their communities and landlords alike.

Landlords have attacked a government decision to outlaw ‘revenge evictions’.

Explaining its opposition, the Residential Landlords Association says the unintended consequences of limiting landlords’ right to re-possess a property could lose market confidence and further buy-to-let investment at a time when the private rented sector is the only area of growth in rented homes.

The country’s leading landlord organisation is today calling on the Government to avoid playing to people’s fears on tenant evictions as it was announced that it will be supporting a legislation being promoted by Sarah Teather MP to outlaw so called ‘revenge eviction’.

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The RLA claims that by supporting this proposal, Ministers are handing nightmare tenants who bring misery to the lives of their neighbours and landlords alike, another weapon to prevent their removal.

Making it more difficult to evict anti-social tenants will make the good landlords think twice about investing in much needed new homes, leaving the market more open for crooked landlords who operate under the radar.

Commenting on the developments, RLA chairman, Alan Ward said:

“Revenge evictions should not have any place in a today’s rental market and we would condemn strongly any landlord caught doing it.

“However, by backing a measure to tackle the minority of criminal landlords, Ministers will be penalising the vast majority of good landlords by making it ever easier for nightmare tenants to hold up eviction proceedings and continue causing misery for communities.

“We need a rational debate. Sadly today’s announcement is once again polarising the sector and giving a false impression that you can be on the side of the landlord or the tenant, but not both.”

The Residential Landlords Association is concerned that Communities and Local Government Minister, Stephen Williams MP, in supporting the Bill, has failed to mention the Government’s own statistics that just 9% of tenancies are ended by a landlord largely on the basis of rent not being paid or tenants committing anti-social behaviour.

Former Lib Dem Communities and Local Government Minister, Sir Andrew Stunnell MP, in 2011 said, “The ability to gain possession of their property is key to a landlord’s confidence in letting out that property in the first place, and in the current economic climate, we would not want to undermine that confidence.”

The RLA represents almost 20,000 private sector residential landlords in England and Wales.

Responding to a parliamentary question on the 28 th April 2014, the Housing Minister, Kris Hopkins MP said, “the English Housing Survey shows that only 9% of tenancies are ended by the landlord.” Details at:

Sir Andrew Stunnell MP was speaking on the 10 th March 2011 during the passage of the Localism Bill. His contribution can be found at:

Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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