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When a landlord has a problem tenant, it can be a stressful time and many don’t know what to do or who to turn to, so often end up putting the blame on the letting agent. Without prior knowledge and experience of handling such situations, agents risk damaging their client relationship.

Having worked with problem tenants and helped thousands of landlords spanning 25 years, industry expert and founder of Landlord Action, Paul Shamplina, is taking to the road, this time to help educate letting agents on how to maintain a good relationship with their client landlords, even when a tenancy goes wrong.

Paul started at a solicitors firm in litigation, he went on to be a commercial bailiff, private investigator, debt collector and finally a landlord and tenant eviction specialist. He is also currently advising a Government ThinkTank on refining the eviction process.

Paul’s wealth of experience in managing the three way relationship between tenant, landlord and agent, qualifies him to provide practical advice on the best course of action whilst keeping all parties properly advised. “Even with the most thorough referencing, difficult tenancies do arise which are beyond the control of any letting agent” he says.

However, accordingly to Paul, if more agents knew how to handle problem enquiries correctly from the outset, the chance of such issues escalating would be significantly reduced – a valuable skill which would improve any agents’ offering.

The two hour seminars are designed specifically for letting agents and follow a practical ‘question and answer’ format. They cover a range of technical topics, delivered in a simple, none-jargon way, which agents can relate to. The comprehensive sessions covers everything from ‘attracting new landlords’, ‘referencing’, ‘tenancy agreements’, ‘deposit schemes’, ‘good practice’, ‘risk management’, ‘What to do when a tenancy goes bad’, ‘maintaining landlords’, ‘serving notice’ and ‘court procedures’.

Paul comments “The training is designed to arm agents with the skills and knowledge needed to support their landlords through the life of a tenancy, particularly when things go wrong. Being able to confidently reassure landlords that everything is being done to regain possession of their property, and where necessary recover any loss of rent, enables agents to demonstrate an upholding of responsibility with the demeanour of a well run professional agency, which will ultimately help them to retain business.”

Paul was recently instructed to carry out a workshop with 10 employees of Tobin Jones letting agent in response to a number of enquiries the company had received relating to notices. Managing
Director, Mr Tobin Jones, said “The seminar was very proactive ranging across a wide variety of subjects, all pertinent to our day to day operations.

Paul brings a really refreshing common-sense approach to the problems encountered in all aspects of the trade. My staff were delighted with the mornings work and all commented that they had learnt lots they did not know before and had many other issues clarified.”

Paul Shamplina is taking bookings for this ‘Letting Agent Workshops’ throughout 2014.

About Landlord Action

Landlord Action is a UK based organisation helping landlords, letting agents and other property professionals. As a champion for landlords, it has campaigned extensively and was instrumental in getting the law changed to make squatting a criminal offence.

It was founded in 1999 as the first ever fixed-fee tenant eviction specialist, they revolutionised this area of legal practice. They have now acted in more than 20,000 problem tenant cases and are considered the authority in this field.

Landlord Action run a free advice line to help landlords and property professionals understand their rights: 0333 240 9767

About Paul Shamplina

Paul Shamplina is one of the key founders of Landlord Action with 25 years experience in the legal field. He has previously worked as a legal clerk, private investigator, debt collector and certified bailiff.

He has appeared regularly on TV and radio and lectures across the UK at landlord seminars and events and still works full time in the office, heading up the team of advisors.

Paul believes passionately in the rights of the landlord and is always available for comment on any landlord/tenant matters.

Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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