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An estimated 500,000 automated gates are in service in the UK – yet as few as 10 per cent of these are safe to use.

This is the stark message from safety campaigners who are organising a week of action to raise awareness of the dangers posed by poorly installed and maintained automated gates. Gate Safety week is being held on October 13 – 19.

Automated gates are becoming an increasingly familiar sight at work, home and school. But in recent years, six people have been killed in dangerous gate accidents, three of them children.

“There is a deeply worrying lack of knowledge among users, owners and installers about the dangers presented by gates that have not been installed or maintained correctly,” said Neil Sampson, chairman of the Door & Hardware Federation Powered Gate Group, the organisers of Gate Safety Week.

Taking centre stage at the event is a video that shows the importance of having automated gates checked for safety. Safety experts interviewed during the video urge all those responsible for automated gates to have a risk assessment carried out by a qualified and trained technician. This must include a measurement of the moving force of the gate and the provision of documentation to show the gate is safe.

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The video details the various safety measures that can be incorporated to ensure the gate does not present a danger. These include safety edges, guards and presence detection technology.

“It is estimated there are more than half a million automated gates installed in the UK, and nine out of ten of these are potentially unsafe,” said Neil Sampson. “We are determined to do everything we can to ensure that no more tragic accidents are caused by unsatisfactory electric gates.

“The message of Gate Safety Week is clear: a correctly installed and maintained automated gate is perfectly safe to use. So it’s vital to have automated gates checked for safety. Visit our website to watch the video and to find a qualified installer who can carry out safety checks. Or ring the gate safety hotline 01827 52337 to find your nearest installer. Let’s all work together to bring about a dramatic increase in automated gate safety.”

The DHF Powered Gate Group is a collective of the UK’s premier gate installation companies and the major automation equipment suppliers who work together to provide state of the art technology in safe and reliable installations. The Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) represents all the key players in the following sectors: powered gates, industrial/commercial doors, garage doors, metal & timber doorsets and locks & architectural hardware. With the ultimate aim of maintaining and raising quality standards throughout the industry, all DHF members must meet minimum standards of competence and customer service.

Door & Hardware Federation – 01827 52337 –

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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