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As the winter weather approaches with temperatures starting to drop and energy bills increasing, more and more landlords are looking to energy efficienct solutions to help protect their properties from the threat of damp.

Landlords are also now obliged to comply with the legislation from the Energy Act 2011, demanding that their properties meet a prescribed level of energy efficiency to be eligible to be let out. Fines of £5,000 per property can be imposed for those falling short of the bar.

An easy way to help meet these requirements is to opt for cavity wall insulation. Up to 35% of all heat in properties is lost through the walls, which makes cavity wall insulation a sensible and easy way to strive towards energy efficiency. However, the installation can be a costly affair with the standard pricing of quality cavity wall insulation starting from £500 and ranging up to £1,500.

This is where the Energy Company Obligation comes into play. This is imposed by the government upon utility companies requiring them to reduce carbon emissions amongst energy users in the UK. They achieve these reductions by paying selected companies to undertake energy efficiency improvements to domestic buildings.

HomeSun is one of these companies working on behalf of the utility companies to deliver Cavity Wall Insulation completely free of charge to Residents, Property Management Companies and Landlords of residential buildings, three storeys and above. The funding covers everything from start to finish – surveys, access equipment, insulation and a 25 year guarantee.

To catalyse as many applications as possible, HomeSun also includes a Completion Payment to Property Management Companies for every insulated flat. In this way, everyone benefits: resident, property owner and the planet. Daniel Green, CEO at HomeSun said, “We estimate that there are approximately eleven million people living in flats across Britain[1] and a high proportion of those will be living in buildings of three storeys or more. There is now a short window for those people to take advantage of free insulation for their homes, while the government funding is still available.

“As we’re now in the height of winter with temperatures plummeting and energy bills ever on the rise, it’s a no-brainer way to save money on heating bills and have everything taken care of for you – for free.”

Those who take up the offer will benefit from free surveys, access equipment, CWI and a 25 year guarantee, making a saving of up to £850 per flat[2] on the installation and cutting their heating bills by up to 20%[3].

Tenants, owners, landlords and property management companies should apply to HomeSun by Friday 7th February before the ‘window’ slams shut on government subsidies, following changes to ‘ECO’ funding announced in George Osborne’s recent Autumn Statement.

Due to the way insulation works, whole blocks of flats must be insulated at once. To apply or seek the assistance of HomeSun to get the support of neighbours, people should visit or call 0800 404 6777.

1. 21 per cent of the 23.4 million households in England and Wales live in a flat:

2. According to the Energy Saving Trust based on a three bed semi-detached house. On average, residents can save up to 20% on their heating bills with Cavity Wall Insulation.


According to the Energy Saving Trust (see footnote 2, above).

Applications should be made before 7th February 2014 for free Cavity Wall Insulation. This is because the ‘ECO’ policy is set to change from March 31st and higher levels of funding needed for ‘hard to treat’ Cavity Wall Insulation will be no longer available. This includes blocks of flats three storey and above. The race is on to do as much installation as possible by the cut off date. This happened to Feed-in Tariffs/solar in 2012, and to HHCRO/Free Boilers in 2013. Thousands who applied early benefited from free measures; thousands didn’t because they weren’t aware of what was on offer, or felt they could wait.

HomeSun led the transformation in the UK of solar for homes with the launch of Free Solar in 2010 using the Feed-in Tariff subsidy, transforming the UK marketplace and becoming one of the biggest residential solar installers in history.

HomeSun is now bringing free Cavity Wall Insulation to a part of the residential market that has been traditionally underserved flats of three storeys and above.

Solar and CWI are part of HomeSun’s aim to put people more in control of the energy they use to power and heat their homes. Energy takes a big percentage of income: it’s a vital but not an enjoyable spend and much of the UK population is vulnerable to the price fluctuations.
It does not have to be like that. HomeSun believes that by creating new commercial models and leveraging existing schemes, it can build a sustainable business and make it easy for residents to pay less and save more.
In each case, we are looking for ways of delivering real value to our customers for zero cost, using innovative ‘models’ and approaches, and playing a practical part making ‘green’ work.

Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.



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