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Caridon Property wins “Best Service Provider” award at UKLAP conference.

The award represents the culmination of five 5 years hard work building the company and its reputation, says Director Mario Carrozzo who is pictured receiving the award “Best Service Provider in the Private Rented Housing Sector 2014” at the prestigious Thistle Hotel.

The company beat off competition from both the private and social landlord sectors, including some large Housing Associations, which made the success all the more pleasing.

Caridon Property is a Lettings, Investment, Development and Management firm based in Croydon. Currently well known in London, having received this prestigious award, the company hopes now to further its interests in both the private and social housing sectors.

Currently, recognised for the high level of service offered to landlords, agents and tenants across London, the company owns over 1000 properties around London and are currently building over 500 properties in the next 2 years. Its building and development arm is building affordable homes across London, including ground floor disabled units. They now aim to work closely with the London Mayor in tacking the huge housing shortages in London.

Mario Carrozzo founded the company has extensive experience in lettings and as a developer. Over the past 20 years he has built a vast portfolio and has first-hand experience of being a landlord. The pitfalls of working with lettings and management agencies led him to review the way the industry works believing there was a need for a new kind of agency, one that was run by Landlords for Landlords.
Carrozo argues the company’s unique understanding and hands-on approach gives Caridon the edge over its competitors.

Understanding the unique needs of landlords, Caridon can aid them to manage their properties through a simple and straightforward approach. The company’s charging policy is completely transparent where there are no upfront fees or monthly commissions to pay and definitely no hidden charges.

Caridon Property are diverse in their activity within the property market and specialise in housing vulnerable and homeless individuals. They have assisted thousands of clients across London to find a home and this includes clients who have been repossessed, mentally ill, disabled and families with young children threatened with street homelessness.

In relation to Social Housing, Caridon has various arms, including Investments, Developments and high end Central London apartments.
Caridon have 75 employees and work from an English Heritage grade 2 listed building in Croydon named after Sir Christopher Wren which dates back to 1715. In addition they have a large network of building contractors who are working on developing the numerous building projects across London.

Anyone interested in contacting Caridon to find out more about what they can do should phone Akeel Alidina on 020 3307 0555.

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Caridon ARE RACKETEERS! They shouldn\’t be given an award, they are taking advantage of the very people they are supposed to help. They are forcing me, Dillon Denis, to have an electricity meter that charges me 28.25p/unit/KWh. This is SIX TIMES the national average and Caridon are denying me the right to pay what everyone else pays. Caridon won’t remove the meter so that I can set up a direct debit arrangement between myself and a supplier and I can pay a fraction of what I have to now. I used to that for years, before I moved into this flat.
    I am severely mentally and physically ill and will have to have my legs amputated if the arteries clog up, which they could well do within the next 18 months, and I need to have a warm flat to keep the blood flowing. My friends have to pay for my electricity to keep my flat warm in this cold weather because I cannot afford to do so.
    Caridon are taking advantage of me, a vulnerable adult, and this is really stressing me out and effecting my mental health, which negatively impacts action I should be taking to recover. My friends and I are not going to rest until the electricity meter is removed from my flat. This is so wrong.
    Denis Dillon
    Flat 3, Flat 3, 273 Old Kent Road, London, SE1 5LU


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