Please Note: This Article is 11 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.

The housing waiting lists in Brighton and Hove are being tackled through the intervention of private sector leasing (PSL) with the City Council enlisting the skills and expertise of leading PSL providers Orchard & Shipman in a forward thinking partnership.

Rather than waiting for existing housing stock to become available, Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) will have access to properties in the private sector to help house the growing number of people in the City who are desperately in need of housing.

Private properties aimed solely for occupancy by those people in most need, are offered on long-term leases to BHCC. The properties are managed by Orchard & Shipman, who take responsibility for looking after everything from the general maintenance of the property to the rental collection.

John Taylor, CEO for Orchard & Shipman explains: “Leasing private sector property in this way enables us to secure long-term investments for our landlords and a healthy alternative to seasonal and student rentals in the area. It’s not a one size fits all approach. Every solution is tailored to suit the needs and aspirations of the client.

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“At Orchard & Shipman we handle each stage of the process from assisting in the property acquisition process to managing the property. There is a guaranteed rental income, with no voids, no agency fees, no service worries, vacant possession at the end of the tenancy and peace of mind for the investor.”

High property prices, low average income and fierce competition for rental properties have resulted in high levels of homelessness and the demand for affordable homes in the city far exceeds supply.

A spokesman from BHCC comments: “Our vision for tackling homelessness in Brighton & Hove is prevention through early intervention and the timely provision of advice and support.

“The PSL scheme we have introduced in partnership with Orchard & Shipman enables us to provide a prevention service working towards reducing housing waiting lists and homelessness throughout the city.”

As a result of this new scheme Orchard and Shipman is now urgently searching for one to four bedroom properties throughout the city to cope with the expected demand.

For more information interested landlords and tenants should visit or call 01273 916 199.

About Orchard & Shipman

Orchard & Shipman is the only national provider of private sector leasing (PSL) and is the biggest private initiative and the second largest provider within the sector. Operating throughout England and Scotland, the current portfolio comprises over 4,500 units under management, housing over 5,500 families each year. Committed to providing well managed, high quality housing solutions for local authorities and private landlords, the company is a member of the Communities and Local Government Department’s Homelessness Strategy Delivery Group. Commended by Central Government as an exemplar of best practice in tackling homelessness, the company has a formidable reputation for delivering innovative property solutions and is an accredited temporary housing provider for the Tenants Services Authority, (formerly known as the Housing Corporation) and member of the British Property Federation (BPF).

Orchard & Shipman plc incorporates Campsie (residential and commercial sales and lettings, and professional services) and Orchard & Shipman Private Sector Leasing.

Please Note: This Article is 11 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. There will be a lot more growth in private leasing schemes and for good reason.
    The fact is that the big secret (and one that few commentators have yet cottoned on to yet) is that within these types of schemes, the Local Housing Allowance (Housing Benefit) will STILL be paid at the old 5oth percentile level (i.e. the median) of local rents for some while yet.
    In other words, it won\’t be cut to the 30th percentile as it will be with direct lets to tenants on Housing Benefit.
    This makes these Private Leasing Schemes very attractive to local authorities (and to landlords who aren\’t bothered about the lack of control they will have about who the operators put in the properties.)
    David Lawrenson Topic Expert

  2. Very interesting comments from David Lawrenson, especially the last one referring to landlords who aren\’t bothered about the lack of control they will have about who the operators put into the properties.

    PSL Schemes may well work for Orchard and Shipman but for private sector leasehold management, my own experience shows it is a complete nightmare.

    My council wasn\’t interested in the management structure of our block. Landlords don\’t even tell us they have signed up to the scheme and the council hide behind data protection when we ask which flats come under their remit.

    If a homeless tenant is anti-social, you can\’t even assume they have come from your own borough as councils have reciprocal arrangements that allow them to send applicants elsewhere if they run out of suitable properties.

    What I would like to know is, because leasehold RTM\’s, and RMCs don\’t have a contract with either the tenants or the council, who is going to ensure we are kept in the loop?

    Over to you Mr Shapps!



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