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When landlord Cyril Jones started planning multiple HMO projects, he needed to develop a new approach for the provision of individual kitchen facilities in his properties – and Elfin Kitchens offered the perfect solution.

 Elfin has supplied over 80 compact kitchens to a range of properties in the last year. Most commonly, the kitchens have been supplied to offer individual food storage and preparation within a communal area, allowing the units to be installed in one space, with shared connections to water and drainage.

 After discovering Elfin Kitchens and the company’s compact range of pre-built kitchen units, they were specified on an upcoming HMO project, as Cyril Jones explained: “I was so impressed with the product’s durability, flexible layout and ease of installation, I decided to use them on one of my projects as a trial. It turned out to be such a success that I have specified Elfin’s kitchens on several developments over the last couple of years.”

 He continued: “In a property with shared kitchen facilities, there is often conflict between tenants, as they do not have their own dedicated space. Installing the kitchens from Elfin eliminates this problem, which I have found to reduce issues in the property, as well as limit day-to-day management.”

 Cyril had always used traditional kitchen cabinetry that was fitted by a carpenter and customised to the space available. However, he often found this approach was time consuming and didn’t always provide enough flexibility for the needs of his tenants.

 Providing an Elfin kitchen in an HMO can help landlords comply with legislation, including:

  • Adequate appliances and equipment for the cooking of food
  • Sufficient electrical sockets
  • A sink with an adequate supply of cold and constant hot water
  • A refrigerator
  • A cupboard for the storage of kitchen utensils and crockery

For HMO properties that need to provide food preparation and storage in the same room as the sleeping area, Elfin Kitchens can be supplied without hotplates to still comply with legislation.

Commenting on the use of the kitchens in the HMO properties, Tom McCain, Project Manager at Elfin Kitchens, said: “We think it is a really clever approach to providing kitchen facilities in these types of property. Not only does it give tenants the ability to cook, prepare and store their own food, but also it keeps all the services and access for maintenance in one place. We’ll certainly be showing this setup to some other customers, as I’m sure they’ll be interested in replicating it.”

For information on the entire range of kitchens and accessories, visit:

Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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