Zoopla reckons it will help thousands of tenants make sense of the rental market with its new ‘Zooploma’ online course.

The sales and rental platform plans to educate subscribers by sending 19 emails over five weeks, covering subjects such as the beginner’s guide to renting costs, understanding your rental contract and, perhaps unsurprisingly, why you should use a Zoopla agent. Subscribers will also get info on recommended properties, advice and guidance on the rental process, and how to secure a rental property.

Zoopla reports that more than 100,000 renters – or aspiring renters – have already signed-up since the concept went live last week. This is the second ‘certificate’ it has launched, as its first-time buyer Zooploma, which was unveiled on Boxing Day, has already had more than 186,000 sign-ups. 

According to the latest Zoopla Rental Market Report, the average time to rent a property in the UK is 17.7 days. Adam Knight, head of CRM at Zoopla, says: “With UK homes renting out in just over two weeks on average, renters face stiff competition, and they must make important decisions quickly. The Zooploma is designed to help better inform tenants throughout each step of their journey.” Zoopla plans to continue its education drive throughout 2020 with a range of other guides for prospective home buyers and renters at different stages in their property journey.

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