Ministers have until Thursday (16th July) to bring in new laws preventing a wave of homelessness across the country, the Labour party has claimed.

Shadow housing secretary Thangam Debbonaire believes the tight parliamentary timetable means that it’s the last date for passing a bill to stop the current eviction ban lapsing on 23rd August.

Earlier this week she labelled Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement that landlords will benefit from a reduction in stamp duty a “bung”, which would only worsen the housing crisis by reducing the supply of homes.

“The Government’s policies have helped property developers, second home-owners and landlords make money from housing, but they are doing nothing to help thousands in rented accommodation,” says Debbonaire.

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Huge numbers

“We urgently need better support to help people pay their rent, and legal changes to help good tenants keep their homes. Otherwise we will see huge numbers sleeping on the streets this winter.”

Labour has called for a targeted ban on evictions for those who fall behind on their payments due to Covid-19; it proposes a temporary change in the law so that non-payment of rent doesn’t count automatically as legal grounds for eviction, instead giving courts discretion.

It’s urging the Government to make this change, along with its commitment to scrap section 21 evictions.

Also this week, London mayor Sadiq Khan warned that plans for a pre-action protocol to possession proceedings in the private rented sector would fail to prevent a cliff edge in evictions once the eviction ban is lifted.

This pre-action protocol would require private landlords to meet the same rules as social landlords before issuing possession proceedings at the end of the ban.


  1. Thangam Debbonaire, as a landlord i do not believe that we will benefit from this reduction in stamp duty as the houses that we buy and renovate are below the £125k purchase price when we buy them.
    Landlords tend to help out good tenants as much as possible. When a home owner is in arrears the mortgage company and banks will be quick to act to reprocess the house and sell it on.
    Most landlords are not the evil devils you portray us to be. I guess it’s just politics of you getting your voice heard to tenants.

    Most landlords have just 1 or 2 houses for rent and are really struggling when tenants decide that they do not want to pay rent. I’ve never had to resort to using either a section 8 or 21 to remove a tenant, I’ve never had to forcibly remove a tenant but I have had a few that have left owing thousands of pounds in unpaid rent and damages, I assume that you think that this is acceptable?

    Chances of getting this money back is next to zero, The government likes to reward the criminals.

    You want to scrap section 21 evictions, that you are calling no fault evictions…. Do you really think that any sensible landlord would evict a good tenant? If so, you are living in a dream world.

    I believe that you are correct to say that there are going to be a huge increase in evictions when the court reopens, It does not matter if it’s August or any other month, the longer it is delayed, the worse the problem will be. How long can you expect landlords to go without receiving any rent when this money may be needed to pay the landlords mortgage.

    I guess when the landlord defaults on the mortgage and the bank re-possess the house then it will be their responsibility to evict the tenant and they will be less likely to agree to helping the tenant than a landlord would.

    Please wake up, If the government does not help out landlords with rent arrears then there will be a huge increase in evictions. we are probably talking 5 – 6 months backlogs for cases that were up before the pandemic started? Have you ever looked at how long it takes even before the Covid problem to get a bad tenant out? I guess you are just one of these people that want’s to keep them owing the landlord money so as the local council don’t have to take on bad dept? Typical Jeremy Courburn mentality, lacked a set of balls.

    The UK legal system is just a joke. It was totally useless before Covid and when it reopens it is going to be a year or more before they can get on track to being totally useless.

    Private landlords supply a lot of the UK rental houses to people that are unable to get a mortgage. The government sees to want to force us all out of the market and have no idea how to fill the void if we were all to quit. You seem to take any opportunity to hit landlords with additional costs through stamp duty and selective licencing.

    Wonder what is going to happen if we all decide to sell? I will never buy anywhere that has selective licencing as the legislation is already in place to sue bad landlords, it’s just a money grab from local councils and as far as I can see does not help improve housing.

    One of the first questions I see about tenants looking to rent is, why are you moving is your landlord selling the house?

    Tells me a lot about the local housing market….


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