Landlords have been venting their frustration at the impossible situation many find themselves in, despite the end of the eviction ban.

Callers to the Andrew Castle show on LBC Radio accused tenants of playing the system.

One landlord – Michael from Sittingbourne – said he had been trying to evict his tenants for more than a year as he urgently needed to sell the house for personal reasons.

He said: “I’m fed up to the back teeth hearing about these poor hard-done-by tenants. What about hard-done-by landlords? These tenants know that whatever they do they can’t be evicted.”

He said the government had made the situation difficult beyond belief.

Added Michael: “Once I sell up – and I’m sure I won’t be the only one – there’ll be fewer houses for rent because it’s just not worth the aggro.”


Another landlord, Michelle in Barnet, admitted she was in a precarious position as she had lost a business during the pandemic.

She said: “In the borough I live in, we only have two bailiffs so even if you manage to get through court – which is a nigh on impossible right now – to actually perform an eviction is impossible.”

She added: “If you have had a tenant that hasn’t paid, if something goes wrong in the flat where is the money supposed to come from to repair it, because you’ve had no rental income?”

richard blanco landlords

During the programme, which concentrated on the impact of the ban ending, Richard Blanco, London representative of the National Residential Landlords Association, said that with long queues for the courts, he wouldn’t recommend that landlords take legal action unless they absolutely had to.

But he added: “I don’t think we’ll see anywhere near as many evictions as has been suggested so far.”


  1. i imagine the ban tripped up those landlords who were advertising their house for sale and for rent at the same time or who lied to the tenant about it being a long term let only to surprise them a few months later. it happens a lot, so boohoo. times are changing, s21 ban is coming, entitled sociopath landlords will be forced to treat tenants better.

    • Ha ha ha….

      Lesson number 1…

      As an investor in property I can bow to your views or I can sell the property and buy a very nice gold bar.

      The value of gold may go up or down, so too property but gold will not give me a hard time it will just sit there, be quiet and give pleasure.

      Unlike the professional fraudsters who don’t pay rent and hide behind the eviction ban.

      You can hide, but not forever…

      Sit back and watch rents rise in direct correlation with the dwindling supply of property for rent.

    • Yes, Landlords are entitled. This is because they earnt the money to buy the property & spent the the time & effort to renovate it when no-one else could be bothered. I wonder if you have you ever bothered to do so? The deeds of ownership show who has the title. This is generally the Landlord & so this by definition is proof their entitlement. I & many others are now selling properties when convenient which will unfortunately reduce options for tenants in future & will probably mean rents will continue increase. I won’t say Boohoo though as I am a reasonable human being & understand that most landlords & tenants are good people who deserve to be treated with respect.

    • Boohoo to you mate, because it’s your rent that will increase as landlords leave in droves leading to more competition for fewer properties.

  2. Govt policy has resulted in the largest rent rise in decades…

    I was renting out a property at £505 few weeks ago, tenant gave notice to quit and left… I refreshed the property put it online and had multiple enquiries within hours, following day three people had been into the agents to fill out the full application.

    Two applications both from people earning enough to easily pay the rent also had guarantors in the form of parents offering to underpin rents as official guarantors.

    The property was let couple of days later once background checks were completed.
    The rent is now £625.

    Simple market forces… low supply means high prices regardless of what commodity or service is on offer.

    As landlords quit the PRS rents will only go one way and that is up, furthermore only the very best candidates will be able to secure that scarce accommodation.
    The combined anti-landlord activities of Govt, Mayor of London, Labour party, Local councils, Shelter and Gen rent are actually increasing the likelihood of homelessness not reducing it.

    • Ditto: I had a two bed flat at £580 PCM. The tenant left and I was expecting to let it for around the £625 mark. I usually rent my properties myself via OpenRent, but on this occasion I used an agent who got me £750 a month because the demand was so strong due to lack of supply and prices had shot up.

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