Controversial claim is made by campaigning group Generation Rent, which says it’s based on survey of 1,542 renters. But the NRLA says it will publish its own data tomorrow morning on the same subject.

An ongoing information war between the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) and Generation Rent over how significantly the Coronavirus lockdown is affecting tenants has broken out again.

This follows the claim by Generation Rent that the government’s strategy of relying on landlord compassion and asking both sides to ‘work things out’ isn’t working.

Generation Rent says that its research shows that just under a third of landlords who have been approached by struggling tenants have either given them a rent reduction or deferral during the crisis.

This comes from a survey of 1,542 renters. It found that 868 (56%) of tenants had lost income since the lockdown started.

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Of those, 38% had asked their landlord for a lower rent, 25% were considering an approach to their landlord and 37% said they probably wouldn’t ask them.

Of those who did, in 7% of cases the landlord offered a lower rent that wasn’t repayable, 25% offered a rent deferral and 56% had asked for the full rent to be paid. The remaining 12% were waiting to hear back.

Dan Wilson Craw, director of Generation Rent, says: “Some landlords are doing the right thing by reducing rents for tenants who have had their incomes slashed.

“But most tenants who have approached their landlord for help are getting nothing – except more dread that they’ll be evicted. Relying on landlords’ compassion isn’t working.” 

The NRLA is expected to publish a rebuttal in the morning. Watch this space.


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