Prominent TV presenter Robert ‘Judge’ Rinder appeared on ITV’s flagship breakfast show this morning to call on the government to deliver on its planned Renters Reform Bill and set up a national landlord register and ban Section 21 evictions.

The proposed legislation, which is probably unknown to many of Good Morning Britain’s viewers, will bring in a range of policies including banning Section 21 evictions, strengthening the Section 8 eviction process, replacing Assured Shorthold Tenancies and reforming tenancy deposits.

But despite initial enthusiasm among ministers for its proposals and several industry consultations, the proposed legislation has yet to make it into parliament.

Housing ambassador

42-year-old Rinder, who is the legal services ambassador for housing charity Shelter, joined the GMB sofa today in order to outline his displeasure at the bill’s lack of process.

He also outlined many of points on the private rental sector that landlords will be used to hearing via Shelter.

This included that millions of renters in the private sector fear eviction, and that four million people live in homes that are dangerous or in need of urgent repair.

He also accused landlords of using Section 21 notices to complete illegal but hard-to-detect ‘revenge evictions’ on tenants who complain about their properties.

Rinder’s barnstorming performance, which was somewhat in contrast to his even-handed decisions during his ‘courtroom’ TV programme, was good enough for GMB viewers to call him to be given a permanent seat on the ITV morning show.

Watch his appearance (after 8.30am on GMB clock)

Read the NRLA position on the Renters Reform Bill.


  1. Most likely, he still thinks that he is acting in a TV series with a script to read given to him by Shelter.

    If I am not mistaken, he is a barrister not a district or high court judge in real life.

    He is wrong in his views and I disagree with his fantasy accusations as probably most other landlords do.

  2. So if the judge was wanting to retire and sell his property to enable him to be able to do so, would he still like to ban section 21 notices? If this went ahead it would be a final nail in the private sector rentals, most landlords are already selling up. Best you get on a digger Rinder and start building affordable homes like the local council is supposed to, the way the country is heading there will be no private landlords soon, grow up Rinder and see what’s really going on, don’t attempt to make it worse.

  3. Landlords need to wake up and see your been driven out. The same ones that want everything under their control. There is a lot more to it helping tenants is last on their list. Governments are tools that are used to disrupt and destroy everything including the economy.

  4. I think he is wrong, he doesn’t know what’s going on in the rent property , this is unfair to the landlord if landlord wish to sell the property they can’t sale they property anymore? He should think about it

  5. S21 is going. Many ordinary landlords will not be aware or keep up with proposed legislation and will only realise once they suffer the impact of the renters reform bill once it is introduced. People in the media like rinder are entertainers not property professionals. Shelter are renowned for sensationalising with its manipulation of statistics. None of these people are addressing the cause, lack of social housing and prefer to attack and discredit the majority of decent landlords providing a valuable service. I suspect many landlords will leave once the impact of removing s21 is felt.

  6. What’s good for one is good for the other, so let’s organise a National Bad Tenants database to protect private landlords!


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