Service is latest in long line of websites that enable tenants to review landlords and letting agents and are intended to help raise standards, but often struggle to gain traction or reviews.

Renters in Cardiff can now rate their landlord and letting agent on a new website aimed at empowering tenants.

The website joins a list of similarly well intentioned online initiatives in other cities not all of which have been successful. Marks Out Of Tenancy in Bristol and two national websites, AskTenants and RateYourLandlord are still going but StudentBricks, which set up five years ago, no longer has a website. lets tenants submit reviews – both negative and positive – with an option to upload photographic evidence and remain anonymous.

Reviews are then categorised based on which agencies or landlords are being critiqued, making it easy for renters to decide before signing contracts.

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The site explains: “Submitting helps hold agencies and landlords accountable and lets first-time tenants know what they might be up against.”

Founder Shash Appan says: “The website came out of frustration of the council doing nothing to help renters in Cardiff and no real resource providing a dedicated platform to hold these agencies and landlords accountable.”

TV show

The launch follows recent TV show Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back where comedian Joe Lycett called out the city’s CPS Homes for deducting hundreds of pounds from two students’ deposits for alleged damage.

Lycett revealed a total of 30 students in CPS properties had been charged for damage they said they didn’t cause, but that when he visited the houses, found the majority of repairs hadn’t been done.

Following Lycett’s expose, CPS said on its website: “We have brought forward the process of working with departing tenants to better manage the hand-back process, specifically giving them a greater opportunity to put right themselves any damage that goes beyond ‘reasonable wear and tear’.

“While legitimate repairs will still need to be paid for by the tenants, we have moved to a position where more than 80% of student tenancies we manage do not involve a deposit.” 


  1. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Let’s have a website where landlords can name tenants along with photos of how they left the property with reviews while remaining anonymous.

  2. Renters in Cardiff can now rate their landlord and letting agent on a new website aimed at empowering tenants.

    Also can they have a website that runs along side of this for Landlords and agents to rate tenants-sounds fair to me

  3. Well why don’t you have rate your tenants website and let landlord know what type of people they are letting in. They are more rough tenants out there.

  4. I’ve had a look at the privacy policy on the web site linked to and it makes no mention of landlords. The use of landlords’ details does not meet any of the grounds for processing data under GDPR. If I was one of the landlords listed on the site, I would be complaining to the ICO and also considering suing the site owner for lost income.
    It’s also the reason why I won’t put reviews about tenants on websites.

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